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sit back to watch,
time go by.
sit back and watch,
possible dreams


Jerks get the girl.
nice guys finish last.
i always try hard.
but live life to fast.

I walk down the street,
down the nearest ally a guy gets mugged.
he goes to the hospital and is pronounced dead.
The days go by.

Ticking time bomb
up in my mind,
nobody knows its hard
to give up what you know is wrong,

When i see the stars,
i dont see the impossible.
i see the light at the end of the tunnel.
i see the untouched,

i am the ambition
that destroys your dreams
i am fire
that burns your home

For everyone who has a chance
but doesnt take it
this is for everyone
every nice guy.

this is for the girls who have had theire fair share of jerks.
for the ones who look,
but cant seem to find
the one.


why have things changed,
so drasticly.
yesterdays reality,
is today dream.


alone in my room i lay
isolated from the world.
Everything depends on
the earth to keep revolving.

Betrayed by my own people.
walking around in a circle of lies.
wondering when ill find out the truth.
so i can understand.


here one day
gone the next
just like a new year
only anything but


nature gives you enemys
that you always hate
they always torment you
but teach you to walk straight


he was,
he is,
he isnt,
he cant,

who knew,
that the girl that stood alone.
would someday be the girl,
everyone would be standing around.

Walking around the world so weak,
constantly sorrowing without doing wrong.

Standing here surrounded by strangers,

as i lay here and weep,
the thought of suicide crosses my path
i love you
ill shout it to the world

everyone changes in different ways,
mostly all in a different parts
you'll always remember how to say,
you can never stop if you never start

the time goes by
and nothing is to be said
i cant help but think,
what if you were never lead.

Last thing i think about before i goto sleep
without you, all ide do is weep
you've given me a most special gift
a gift of a caring relationship

Chad Foster Biography

I never really got into poetry until i was in the 6th grade. My main inspiration was my depression that I went through from 6th grade up to now. Honestly I have never been tested for it but I do believe I have clinical depression. It does run in my moms side of the family. I only write poems when I am depressed.)

The Best Poem Of Chad Foster

Dream Girl

sit back to watch,
time go by.
sit back and watch,
possible dreams
get thrown out the window.
sit back and watch,
two kids fall in love,
and make it through...
the trials and tribulations of life.
i sit back and watch,
the girl of my dreams
walk away with another guy.
i sit back and watch.
i just sit back and understand,
im in love with a girl.
that i can never have.
i can never hold.
i can never tell.
i can only sit back,
and watch.
i can only sit back,
and see her happiness.

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Chad Foster Popularity

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