Who Knew Poem by Chad Foster

Who Knew

who knew,
that the girl that stood alone.
would someday be the girl,
everyone would be standing around.
crying because of the life that was lost.

who knew,
that the little boy.
who wasnt really payed attention too.
would one day be protecting,
the very people who poked fun at him.

who knew,
that the one person
nobody ever thought would become,
everything that they wanted to be?

who knew,
that the class clown,
was the person to become most successful.

the world is a funny place.
some people get what they want,
without even trying.
some people get what they want,
through hard work and dedication.

who knew,
you could be what you want to be.
but all you have to do
is have the drive,
to be whatever you want to be.

who knew,
that the one person.
who had overlooked all these facts.
would be writing them down,
in the face of adversity.

who knew,
that one day
your life would be ripped out from under you.
but you would find the strength,
to get back up and try again.

who knew,
who really knew.
who really sat down and thought,
what if?
what if that person,
is destined to be the most powerful
person to ever walk the earth?

what if...
we overlooked,

Miski Abshir 16 May 2009

you are very deep i love it

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