When I See The Stars Poem by Chad Foster

When I See The Stars

When i see the stars,
i dont see the impossible.
i see the light at the end of the tunnel.
i see the untouched,
the uncorrupted.
The only thing mandkind
has not touched dirrectly or indirrectly.
When mankind touches the stars,
that will be the day mandkind
comes crashing to the ground.
Like a plane out of the sky.
Like a monkey out of a tree.
The day mandkind finds a way
into the stars will be the day
that mankind will not see impossible.
but they too will see what the blind man sees.
The golden roads that lead to the pearl gates,
the very gates all christians will pass through.
The only thing that keeps us from the stars
is the willpower to make a machine strong
enough that can take us to the hights.
maybe we wernt destined to make such
an amazing machine. maybe we were
destined to stay and inhabit the planet we're on.
all i know is when i see the stars,
i dont see imposible.
i see the possiblity of touching the untouched.

Anita Atina 28 January 2008

Very interesting thought and eloquent delivery! Good stuff this, Chad!

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