Chant Gud

Rookie (18/09/93 / NSW)

Chant Gud Poems

1. On The Edge 11/9/2009
2. Paths Of Life 11/9/2009
3. My Gratitiude 11/9/2009
4. I Need Help 11/9/2009
5. Speak To Me 9/14/2010
6. Sleepless Truths 9/14/2010
7. Heaven? 9/14/2010
8. Reflection 10/10/2009
9. Letting Go 11/9/2009
10. Upon The Abyss 9/14/2010
11. Dazed Into Reality 9/15/2010
12. My Guardian 9/20/2009
13. Holding On 9/23/2009
14. Inner Conflict 9/14/2010
15. No Hope Left 9/20/2009
16. Time - Tick Tock 11/9/2009

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Best Poem of Chant Gud

Time - Tick Tock

When peace has faded to a warzone,
And the cold burns your warm skin,
While the young are closer to death,
The eldery remember their youth,

One realises time is a fantasy,
Something wanted, needed for some,
Yet we all believe,
Tick, tock, tick, tock

The memories slowly disappear,
Living, once again continues,
And the fantasy remains,
Remains within society, within ourselves.

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My Guardian

I felt as if the trees cold
Grasp would kill me,
I thought if I acted happy
People would believe it,

I wanted the earth's anger
To cease with the ground,
I needed to feel secure
Within my own skin,

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