Charles Flesfader Poems

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Old Man Navy

Parade ground, Cerberus, one dismal, foggy morn,
Weather-beaten face, beneath a battered old hat
This man was “Navy; ” to the sea, surely born,
With swaggering gait, he left no doubt of that.

From The Land Down-Under

From The Land Down-Under

G'day from the Land Down Under,
A place of awe and sheer wonder…..

Emmy Lou

Cruisin’ the Murray, out of Olde Echuca Town
Is a riverboat of renown, jewel in Echuca’s crown.
Pride of both the River, and her crew:
Dip yer hats, lads ‘n’ ladies, to “Emmy Lou”

For Grace, I Want…(My Elusive Quest)

It's an elusive thing, that man calls 'Grace.'
So difficult to define, yet sufficient to say,
We meet it sometimes, with it's unique place
In hearts and souls of a different way:

Coming Home (Little Ditty)

Coming Home (a humble ditty)

Sorry, been absent from this Board,
Five months, up the eastern seaboard.