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Old Man Navy

Rating: 5.0

Parade ground, Cerberus, one dismal, foggy morn,
Weather-beaten face, beneath a battered old hat
This man was “Navy; ” to the sea, surely born,
With swaggering gait, he left no doubt of that.

Three rows o’ ribbons up on his chest,
Telling that he’d been there, to hell and back,
Hammering Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo’s best
Even giving “Charlie” a serve too, this old Jack.

He was “Old Man Navy” mate, done the time.
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Kat Flesfader 17 March 2005

Didn't know you were a poet, Dad. Nice work.

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Theodora Onken 21 January 2005

You write magnificantly....in grand detail! I wish only, I had your gift of words, as well, I have never written a story -like poem...such as this one, ever! Very, very good read...Ita an 11, but heck, the vote only goes to 10.... Regards, Theodora

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Michael Shepherd 21 January 2005

So good it hurt.Congratulations.

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Lenchen Elf 20 January 2005

That was a thoroughly enjoyable read, thanks Charles

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Theodora Onken 20 January 2005

All I can say, is you have total dedication, and talent. Your depth and detail, enthralling. Theodora Onken

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