Charles Garcia Poems

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A Cloudy Day

Cloudy skies obscure your view,
A slight breeze moves the clouds,
Letting in the sun-shine open up a broken sky.

Painting With Words

I can remember vividly, when it all began,
I saw the words of wisdom in a color wheel,
Red, blue, yellow, waiting to be blended,
Put into view.

Childrens Fantacy

The children play silly games, like skipping rope,
Tossing rocks, a piece of chalk piece of chain,

A Tranquil Paradise ~ Haiku

Words of Wisdom` Haiku

A Tranquil Paradise

Homeless Man

A Homeless Man
Today I saw a homeless man pulling a grocery cart,
Load of bottles, cans and a kitty cat.
A hard days journey in the city, collecting trash,

A Valentine Rose To Remember

The Rose

The rose will wither in the days to come
However, not the memories of where it is from.

What Are Friends For

What is a friend for but to listen
To your woes,
A true friend will not step upon
Your toes.

A New Tomarrow

My Yesterdays are all used up
My golden years are past,
The end is near yesterday
Was mine, as gone not to last,

My Father Cuts A Furrow

My father cuts a furrow, true lines does he run,
My father cuts a furrow, no horses did he have,

Love From The Heart

Love from the Heart
Cats eye view

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