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Cloudy skies obscure your view,
A slight breeze moves the clouds,
Letting in the sun-shine open up a broken sky.

I can remember vividly, when it all began,
I saw the words of wisdom in a color wheel,
Red, blue, yellow, waiting to be blended,
Put into view.

The children play silly games, like skipping rope,
Tossing rocks, a piece of chalk piece of chain,

Words of Wisdom` Haiku

A Tranquil Paradise

A Homeless Man
Today I saw a homeless man pulling a grocery cart,
Load of bottles, cans and a kitty cat.
A hard days journey in the city, collecting trash,

The Rose

The rose will wither in the days to come
However, not the memories of where it is from.

What is a friend for but to listen
To your woes,
A true friend will not step upon
Your toes.

My Yesterdays are all used up
My golden years are past,
The end is near yesterday
Was mine, as gone not to last,

My father cuts a furrow, true lines does he run,
My father cuts a furrow, no horses did he have,

Love from the Heart
Cats eye view

A statured Man

The Rose bud begins to bloom
the bees are standing by, waiting
for the nectar deep inside,
The bee spreads out its feet gather

Its been two months now, since I let her go,
Two very long months of grief, depression,
It has not been easy for me.

Special Valentine

I wake up early in the morning
Before the break of day,

Have you ever wondered?
Why no one has reached the Universe?
No matter how hard they try,


A Thing said, a remark, or conversation
comfort or an uplifting thought,
expression of love, can bring on hate,

Tell yourself Daily ~ Haiku
Charles Garcia

Tell yourself daily

Feelings and Desires

There is no such thing as constructive criticism,

When its full, sands together,
Only when its empty, doe’s it matter,
A turn of a vial, rejuvenates its style,
When full no attention doe’s it gather?

Charles Garcia Biography

I was born too soon to go off to war The memories are so clear, never to leave me so thankful that I’m here. Many of my buddies left their bodies, Their spirits come home I remember it well, no one to take care of me it was time to grow, Yes, I was to grow up fast. But sir: I am only seventeen what do I know of the past, I am told, the United States needs me no guarantee I will be back. My Fourth of July spent on Guadalcanal where fireworks are free, and Lasting through out the night. Far more than you care to see. These days are gone now, only memories that I can’t forget, no one seems To care but me, as I lived my life day to day, not knowing if I ever would Get back. Day after day, I did not know if I would see tomorrow, for tomorrow was only another day, not much different than yesterday, I was not afraid; who gives a shit, when you’re seventeen. For three long years I served my country, little did I complain, as eight thousand miles from home not easy to get back? You see I broke my Back, lost some teeth, my hair turning white, matters not, you made A commitment we need you no way to send you back. I saw and Participated in this war, did my part and now I forget the Past. For I have some living to do as you see I now at twenty-one, So at Twenty one, who gives a shit as still wet behind the ears I’m Just a kid at heart, no time to waste, Its time to grow up, as a Mans goal to replace the population that’s no longer here. I cannot shake the past memories, they hang on and on, so hard for me to do! Then I remember my Navy Days, always stay on course, as there are things you have to do. The early years: I marry a girl met years ago, while serving in Great Lakes Ill. We start a family; she becomes part of me. The years go by one by one I was to learn a trade or two, but never Satisfied of what to do. My dreams seem to never go away, I wake up in a sweat every night, I learned a thing or two, never satisfied, my lust to learn, a lot to know. What the future holds and had in mind, what was I to do! For who know it all at thirty-two. I try so hard to stay on top, clothe my family, I do my best I finally forget the war, and found my God’ my life to change As I progress in my final trade, For at forty-four- I find myself educated more and more, and I thought then I was to know it all, little did I know that there would be more war, as Korea, Vietnam to name a few, it seems the war I fought was for nill, that’s the sadist part of all, For it seems nothing changes and changes none as the world seems to fall apart, and I see in the not to far distant future the world not finished yet as we do not learn from war. I guarantee you that. Now I am fifty-three. A new life to begin as I find my faith (Baha’I) and in self too young to retire, yet old enough to die, as at this time I was to get something I did not want, as I got a cancer in my kidney, and I was told that I had but a few months to live. So I live my life as I saw fit, and I was to beat the statistics given me. I changed my way of life, no more drinking smoking and such, for God’ has been so good to me. I leave my trade, start a new career all new, in the construction field, These are good years for me, as I to Become a Contractor learning a brand new trade. I built many projects large and small I worked real hard; I get a jump-start on a new Career and it’s very good to me I make a success of it and finish off my years, my son takes after the likes of me Continues on with this trade, follows my footsteps and career. I finally reach the age of seventy-six. All of a sudden I’m seventy-six. Going strong I look back as all I worked Hard for to disintegrate, and very fast I was told it wouldn’t last, who Listens to anyone at seventy-six. As my dear wife of 55 years to leave me As she did not deserve to die, she reached her final years before her time and Was gone just like the breeze. All I know she gave me her best years and now she’s gone, what am I to do, to fill this void of mine, for after a bout With therapy I find I must fill my time, with pen and paper to write what Comes to mind, I find poetry this the year 2000 I do not regret my past, I gave it all the best I could, and it brings me to the present now, as I mellow out my years, as I Start a new life, I’m now 78 years old, and in Santee; found myself a women to take her place, we were married in 2003, to be my companion to share my future years, what ever is left for her or me. Written June 2003 Charles Garcia)

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A Cloudy Day

Cloudy skies obscure your view,
A slight breeze moves the clouds,
Letting in the sun-shine open up a broken sky.

A sight of blue shines through:
A warm breeze caresses your face,
Making you feel at ease.

Reminding you of the days gone by,

Sorting all anxieties leaving your
Mind free and at ease.

For a heart be none but innocent,
Giving all it has for free.

Charles Garcia
Monday, January 16,2006

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Benjamin Tetteh 09 February 2014

with out you I am. it's a great nostalgic work. it's a nice piece.

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