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I retire with honour leaving my post to other.
Settling all the public affairs, I am happier.
Like a fairy, I take naps leisurely.
Things which I like to do freely: -

A golden sheen upon hazy mists, the winter moon shines
Whilst midnight chill seeps into the mountain pines.

Tall and silent, they stand with roots subtly entwined

The rain moistens all plants silently in my small garden.
With wet mud, it helps bamboo shoots to grow all a sudden.
Fallen flowers stuck to my clogs make a queer weeping sound.
Tear stains appear on blossoms of the pear trees all around.

All frown when bidding farewell to each other.
‘Will we meet again? ' nobody can answer.
Though reluctant to part, yet we have to go.
Shedding no tear, the old poet has sorrow.

Adjusting the humidity and temperature,
It sends breeze to make the living space much cooler.
There is split-type or window-type air-conditioner.
With its companionship, people sleep well in summer.

Hong Kong and Taiwan were attacked by epidemic disease.
The calamity of SARS killed a lot of Chinese.
The busy shopping centers became deadly quiet.
All merchants were indolent and lost their target.

Hong Kong Disneyland is open for business today.
The paradise looks so new that all cheer, ‘Hurrah! '
Looking at the castle, you may dream about your childhood.
Flying over the stars, you explore the space where you could.

Thick fog danced like a dark green dragon.
It spread over farmland under the mountain.
Trees looked more mysterious in its embrace.
Early mist shrouded the house and swallowed its staircase.

Palm shape leaves look like fireworks exploding,
Coconut tree stretches high for clouds visiting.
When wind blows, green palm waves to salute
That melon size round ball is its Bearing fruit.

The lake reflects the spirit of inspiration,
For it is misty and the calmness genuine.
The beauty scenes are fascinating.
The lake view is brilliant; the dragon-flies enjoy the green.

In Hong Kong, Bauhinia is our symbol tree.
Its heart-shaped leaves represent our will so dreamy.
Returning to its motherland for many years,
Its red flowers greet the Chinese and say my dears.

Our superintendent treats all people kindly.
The goal in her life is to pursue Truth, Ideals and Beauty.
She relieves the poor and serves the community.
In addition to education, she raises money for charity.


Spring breeze comes with drizzle,
Moistens here and there.
Red and white and many colors,
Azalea blooms everywhere.

Visiting all bookstores, I try to find some ancient books.
All my friends and relatives give me respectful looks.
I work hard to compose good phrases in my poem.
Sometimes, music and tea are prepared when my guests come.

To be a Buddha is difficult but we should not avoid.
Buddha believes that the four elements of the world are void.
Melancholy must be caused by ourselves in our lifetime.
We should learn to be carefree and happy in the meantime.

In the coast of Hawaii, the big wave rolls up so high.
With the surfboards, people stand on its crest and fly.
Suddenly they slide down as if being swallowed.
They come out safely and sound of cheer is bestowed.

Envying to be with her chosen Mr. Right
My daughter decided to become a bride.
Although migrating to Canada was such a sudden,
She was very pleasant to marry Mr. Zheng.

Thank my teacher who makes me pass the examination.
In many subjects, I attain the grade of distinction.
I am still treasuring the souvenirs in my book.
Family letter is written with a success outlook.

Fish And Shrimp [1]
I sigh with deep feeling that fish and shrimp are but children.
They are slap-happy to play in the net of the fisherman.
Seafood merchants become fierce and cruel butchers,

Banned from race in Macau, the greyhound is so surprised.
With high seniority, it is demoralized.
The dissolute dog sighs for its past glory and fate.
In awards ceremony, it admires its old mate.

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Retirement Eulogy

I retire with honour leaving my post to other.
Settling all the public affairs, I am happier.
Like a fairy, I take naps leisurely.
Things which I like to do freely: -
To read books and newspaper;
To write articles and poems better;
To participate activities as they come;
Website couplets, I appreciate some;
To invite friends to talk about Buddhism;
Organ music, I play with enthusiasm;
To enjoy my inner tranquility with melody;
Content with what I am is my living strategy;
To tour around the world by ocean liner;
To explore the nature with my bosom partner;
To enjoy the free and unfettered mood;
Health better than wealth, the rule is good.

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p.a. noushad 31 July 2009

scenes framed by the awarness of history, beautiful poems.

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