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Fear in the head, but not in the heart,
Otherwise you'd have given up right at the start,
I knew you'd do it, see it through,
On account of yourself and those that didn't give up on you,
And now there's this feeling, one like no other,
The same one you felt at the birth of your brother,
Like you're soaring with grace, through the sky,
Shouting to the world, your dream didn't die,
Filled with pride, standing tall,
You got lost for a while, but came back for more,
The strength and the courage that's built up inside,
Means you can fly and no longer ...

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Let Go

No drama and no games,
No tears, no heartbreak,
Let's not try to pass the blame,
Here we are staring at the end,
Can we be kind and let ourselves mend?
Free ourselves from this misery,
Stop fighting and just let it be,
If i could just take hold of your hand,
Show you the future, help you understand,