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They gather in the Greeting Place
A smaller flock than once expected
Still elated - out from work and office

Green as hanging heliconia
beneath the rosy moonlight

chattering incessantly out loud

A darker shape
Flapping lazy through the further clouds

The great grey bird

I want to sleep in the dorm, where the backpackers sleep,
and to laugh and to joke and to tell tales of woe,
and to catch midnight buses, where backpackers go,
and to scrimp and to pinch every penny with them.

White haired and gay in London
with that determination born
of fleeing from Vienna
A Jew breaking up her life

Aeltje Boelens Mother of twins
Wife to Jacob Dirkszoon de Graeff
Honoured Mayor of Amsterdam

she wasn't
Temper - violent
Children - various
Colour - brown



Raven and spear and the longhanded Lugh
like Odin equipped into fear

Managing doormat in rose-coloured glasses
shock of grey hair and a simpering smile

Snowy net curtains whose pattern surpasses

His high profile made The Qualities.
On one arm a graceful woman
Tucked in close another photograph
woman doppleganger - and his first

Down amongst the terraced houses
sturdy Mrs Batchelor..
No..sturdy isn't quite the word to choose
Sturdier than slimmer maybe

He loved them most
those people arguing at night
He heard them fight
and - frightened - cried

Formal gardens are
the triumph of human mutilation
over exotic nature

In 1953 the television came
A big brown wooden box
which coddled a tiny screen
behind the glass

The past arrives exploded into starlight
in generation unaware of we
It lit the Aztec temple top
where sacrifice purloined itself

She presented herself to the world
at the bus stop
on two sticks

Edward, blinded by her light,
slithered into shade she made.
Little Teddy. Her delight.
She, perforce, must be obeyed.

I enter this hall to the greater good
my oath is taken
Silence falls on me but soon - as any debutante
I make a maiden speech

On the tele
tucked amongst the news
tucked between parades of victory
as boys return in glory

In the only way he knows
a leather Baker Boy clapped tight
across his vulnerable head
a beard to prove perhaps

Charlotte Peters Rock Biography

Poet who writes both poetry and songs about world history and what happened today. She has travelled extensively and was twice invited to Saratov University on the Volga in Russian Federation. The second time, to the Saratov University Conference of the National Association of teachers of English from across the Russian Federation)

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Care For The Elderly - A Conference

They gather in the Greeting Place
A smaller flock than once expected
Still elated - out from work and office

All around - the empty space
Is pressing on the keen - collected
Taking pointers - out from work and office

Inside the hall there is small trace
Of anyone to ‘stand corrected'
They're all working - inside work and office

Still curtains drift - in finest lace
The certain eyes not disaffected
Hide behind the lace of work and office

And speakers high in group embrace
Speak on and clap in unelected
Fluffy tones of every Higher Office

The higher speakers high disgrace
Is hid below their undetected
Lack of use - their waste of work and office

In keening grief - tears hid from face
A speaker - practical - affected
Brings human life within their work and office

And human thoughtfulness will base
Its Older Care on need selected
From that shown - away from work and office

Its time to fix he High and chase
By methods certain - unsuspected
Out form power - out from work and office

Foregather - follow to their base
See them - incestuous - connected
By wires unseen - inside work and office

27Mar2011 CPR

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Charlotte Peters Rock Popularity

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