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People say get lost
So you decide to try
But when you go into the woods
You just come out and cry

I know of a person
Who is not all true
They lie and cheat
And try to make it through

Tis midnight and I stand
Amid the sleeping forms of men-
The men of my command,
And as their troubled murmurs stir

My brother
My mother
My sister
My friends

As she murmers and lies
With her sweet little eyes
I think to myself
About the words said tonight

To Clarify, this was a school assignment. It is based off the story Antigone so everything in it is from that story. I do not believe in many gods, I believe in only one.

By obeying the laws
The gods have made


You left me here
All alone
No one to hold
All alone

Have you ever felt the way I do?
And frightened?

What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it wither up
And die away?


He was doing fine
As healthy as ever
He was truly divine
I was ten

A signal in the distance
Flashes oh so bright
Easing all resistance
And trying to calm the fright

As I sit in the shadows
And watch you play
I wonder,
'Will I ever be like you?

They come in one day
And start talking `bout him
Saying he’s scared
And they just want to punch him


Is anyone there?
Does anyone care?

We love
We hate
We like
We date

It seems that all I do
You can do better
It seems that all I see
You can see better

La De Da Da De Da Da
La De Da Da De Da Da

Not just a single person, but combined as we are, we make up something greater, the aspects of a leader.
The one who hunts for us, is a warrior named Trevis. He is a big brother to us all, a protector and a friend. The one who builds our homes is a creator named Zack. He builds our fishing poles, spears, knives, and traps. He is a vital part of our team. The one who holds the magic is a sorceress named Marlayna. She protects our homes with her spells and skills, she enchants the weapons to make them more effective, and she gives us enough of her own magic for emergencies. Last is a wicken named Kanani. She cures people when they are sick, collects berries and fruits, she gathers herbs and plants, and she makes medicines and heals us when we are sick. Together we are a branch of Spirit, the Spirit Tribe.
We inhabited the Earth first and we set the basis for what it is today. One day, during our daily gathering, the story was being told of how we came to be where we are today. This is the story as told by Marlayna.
In a world that is not our own, a time that no longer exists, there was once a large and mighty tribe. It started out a small and happy gathering of people. Soon, however, it began to grow larger and larger until the group split into sub-tribes all holding the same name, Spirit. In this happy tribe there were many different professions, including: Sorcery, Hunting, Building, and Healing. Just like in our own tribe, all of the abilities combined made it strong. However, their downfall was that the tribe thought it was invincible. One day, a strange disease swept through the main tribe and all of the sub-tribes. There were no fatalities, but the trouble that came from it was that everyone lost their abilities. There was no magic, no healing, no building, and no hunting. It was as if everyone had forgotten their trade. This caused the tribe to soon begin to crumble and fall. People began to die.

While under the light
Of the midnight sun
I love the way
The Earth does run

Cheylee Miller Biography

Hey everyone. My name is Cheylee and I'm 19 years old. I love to read and write and take pictures.I really want to get better at my poetry so that one day I might actually publish them in a book. I'm just here to learn and to even make some new friends. So if you have any tips, or would just like to learn more about me, send me a message! Thanks!)

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Get Lost

People say get lost
So you decide to try
But when you go into the woods
You just come out and cry

People say get lost
So you try again
This time in a river
But it’s not a fitting end

People say get lost
So you try one last time
This time you close your eyes
And imagine the world you’ll find

People say get lost
And when you finally do
You can never return
From inside of you

You are lost inside yourself
Forever until the day
People say forgive me
And you feel the right way

One person did get lost
And could never find her way
She got lost writing this
And is still gone today

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