Francis Duggan Children Poems

When Children Lose Their Innocence

The innocence of childhood it is a marvellous thing
And all children are untainted in their life's early Spring
But by the time they've reached their teens their innocence they've lost
And the experience that we gain from age always comes at a cost.

Poor Children

They are the future of humanity
But many of them living in poverty
And without shelter homeless on the street
Searching through rubbish bins for scraps of food to eat.

The Children Of Poverty Street

At least spare a thought for the children the children of Poverty Street
They are homeless as young teenagers and against the odds they must compete
Their parents serving time for robbery and narcotic offences and most of their role models in jail
Their circumstance of birth is a huge mark against them the poor young people destined to fail.

The Sobs Of The Starving Children

We know about them from the radio and television and the hungry getting hungrier by the day
But we do not hear the sobs of the starving children from where we live they seem so far away
On the six o clock news at times we do see footage of hungry
children in a Land where poverty and disease is rife

The Children Are The Future Of Humanity

The children are the future of Humanity so teach the children well
And as their teacher your knowledge of Life and Nature to them you ought to tell
And teach them to respect our Mother Earth the one who feeds us all
And in years from now to you they will be grateful when memories of you they will recall.

May God Help The Poor Children

He help the homeless children the children of the street
He give them clothes and shelter he give them food to eat
He try to shield them from police the police no mercy show
And the glue sniffing children of the streets at their hands suffer so.

The Poor Children Of Iraq

They've never harmed anybody so why are they under attack
Born in the wrong Land at the wrong time the poor children of Iraq
For the crimes of other people why must they be made to pay
They are the innocent victims and why do it have to be this way?

Children Should Not Have To Be Homeless

There are thousands of homeless children in Beijing in China though that is not suprising to hear
For where there is a huge population there is poverty too 'twould appear
And China to anywhere else is no different the rich getting richer they say
And just beyond the leafy suburb is the suburb of neglect and decay.

The Children Of The Dreamtime

The descendants of the first Australians their ways we do not understand
And no love is greater than their love for this their great Southern Land
For past Governmental wrongs against them the present Government refuse to apologize
Though some Government leader of the future may be far more prudent and wise,

Laughter Of Children

The sun behind gray clouds is hidden away
For the southern August one might say a typical Winter's day
But nearby to where i stand the sound of joy abound
The laughter of children in the park playground

In The Park In The Children's Playground

In the park in the children's playground on a nice sunny day
The unbridled laughter of children at play
In thought carry me back to a place far away
Good old memories live on as the wise often say

The Future Is The Children's

The future is the children's and I am of the past
And I too had my young years but nothing ever last
On looking back the Seasons how quickly the years have gone
Old age is fast approaching and the clock ticks on and on.

Children Of Destiny

Some say how we fare in life that we do have the choice
We can reap the reward for hard work or for failure pay the price
But they overlook the thing called destiny
And that does seem their error of judgement to me

The Children Belong To The Future

The children belong to the future as for me I belong to the past
And like all the other ageing I realize how time went so fast
My younger years they went so quickly 'tis said time for none does wait
And death for everyone of us it is a certain fate.

Children In Their Innocence Do Not Know Better

Children in their innocence do not know better
In long gone years some pre teenagers thought a french letter
Was a love letter from France their parents did deceive them
And their children in their innocence without question did believe them

The Laughter Of Children

Out there in the park children laugh, play and sing
The sound of young joy is a wonderful thing
I too had my childhood and I knew of young joy
But 'tis been awhile now since I was a boy

Your Children An Extension

Your children an extension of your ego it does seem
For to know that our genes will live on is good for our self esteem
That our genes should outlive us our sense of immortality
That's how it would seem or it does seem to be.

I Pity Them The Children Of The Present

I pity them the children of the present
Due to climate change tough times may be ahead
The Planet getting drier and much warmer
Yet we ignore what climate experts have said

They Are Middle Aged Those Who Were Children

They are middle aged those who were children when i was in my life's prime
There is no holding back the hands of time
It rusts steel and iron and eventually becomes everyone's foe
They look older today those in their life's prime a decade ago

The Future Belong To The Children

The future belong to the children their best years of them lay ahead
And though for some from humble beginnings life's pathways to glory have led
The children born of wealthy parents in life are advantaged
with a huge head start

The Children Came Back

The Children Came Back Archie Roach's famous song
Such beautiful words lamenting a past wrong
Done to Australian indigenous children in a long gone time
To be born not dark enough was their only crime

The Children Of Poor And Dysfunctional Parents

The children of poor and dysfunctional parents of any success in life stand little chance
The odds seem stacked against them by their birth circumstance
For them life is an uphill battle a struggle every day
The lady of luck and fortune does never smile their way

Those Who Commit Crimes Against Children

Those who commit crimes against children will surely be made to pay
If the Law does not catch them then Karma will one day
Self esteem they do erode and self confidence destroy
In the mind of their young victim the innocent girl or boy.

The Laughter Of Children A Beautiful Thing

In the park playground children laugh at their play
I used to be like them in a long bygone day
Playing with my young friends many years from our prime
Most of them i have not seen for decades of time

The Good Mother Her Children Will Never Disown

Though bad things to others it's been proven they've done
The mother stands up for her daughter or son
She will tell you my child not guilty of such a crime
And should not be locked up in prison serving time

Children In Their Innocence

I overheard a young boy saying to his mother as i did walk by them on the street
Gee that old fellow does look very old mum children in their innocence are not discreet
His mother must have known i did overhear him as she did blush a bit on saying good day
But i pretended as if i had not heard i smiled in passing and went on my way

The Children Of The Slum End

The gap between the rich and poor expanding getting bigger by the day
Though some may say that is no strange news that it has always been this way
And the crime rate on the increase as poverty give rise to crime
And the children of the slum end in the jail house spend their time.

Where Are The Children Of Ireland

Where are the children of Ireland from Cork to County Down?
They are scattered all around the World from London to Auckland Town
You will find them in Australia and Germany and France
They leave to seek their fortune and in life to take their chance.

The Children Of The Lesser Gods

They live in the shabbiest suburb the Children of the lesser Gods
And from the moment they are born they battle against all of the odds
Like Patrick MacGill's 'Children Of The Dead End' for them it's uphill all of the way
If they have a God he doesn't listen when to him for favours they pray.

The Children Of Duhallow

The children of Duhallow where might they be today
You will find some in Britain, Canada and the U.S.A.
And in distant Australia Homeland of the Kangaroo
And in cities of New Zealand Christchurch, Auckland, Rotorua.

Written For Two Young Children

Goodbye Peter and Eileen
Soon you leave the woodland green
And sad am I to see you go
As you were nice so nice to know.

The War Children

They were the children of the now forgotten and like you and I they had their dreams of fame
But in unmarked graves their bones forever resting and does anyone remember them by name?
And does anybody even think about them and in thinking of them kind things of them say
Like they were nice kids and they loved life and were happy

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