Rookie - 85 Points (14th January 1962 / Balarampur Village in the District of Purulia in West Bengal.)


41. Relational 10/15/2011
42. The Moment Of Setting 10/15/2011
43. The Grasp 10/15/2011
44. In The Empty Booth 5/15/2014
45. Tagore's Sweet Song 5/17/2017
46. Tolerance 1/12/2018
47. Naked Truth 2/24/2018
48. The Slave 3/6/2018
49. The Fun 9/29/2018
50. Incomplete 12/23/2004
51. Extinguishment 7/5/2007
52. The Puppet 7/5/2007
53. Overcome In Slowness 8/20/2009
54. Terra-Cotta 8/20/2009
55. Ash Negative 8/20/2009
56. Beggar’s Enclave 8/26/2009
57. Ecstasy 8/26/2009
58. A Young Poet’s Lyrics 8/14/2008
59. Howl 8/14/2008
60. Pathetic 11/5/2004
61. Contempt 1/9/2005
62. Hello Men 10/4/2004
63. Night-Table 11/5/2004
64. Thermisdom 10/31/2004
65. Rooma 1/1/2005
66. The Morning 12/1/2004
67. Someone 9/12/2009
68. Rice Boiler 12/12/2004
69. On This Day Of Gudi Padwa 4/2/2008
70. My Petty Greed 1/2/2005


  • Goutam Hazra (12/4/2004 8:42:00 AM)

    Dear Sukumar
    Every words you have chosen are meaningful and end resulted to create, each one as a fine poetry...look forward to read more from you.

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  • Robert Rorabeck (11/21/2004 10:56:00 PM)

    hello- i just want to say what an amazing poet you are- truly fantastic- i say this knowing that you may not appreciate my own work because on the surface it may seem very crass- but i've enjoyed your poems so much i need to let you know and to say thank you

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My Petty Greed

People with petty greed ~ how much do they get
Not all people have big-sized greeds
We very ordinary
bunch of people with petty greed
Don't even have courage to feel big-sized greed

My petty greed has often been met
by petty donors
Twice or so I was saved
by the God on my shelf
After safe escape I gave a smirk

Indulged a bit in intellectual conceit Ah
Escaped narrowly honour is saved
Yet my petty greed was not quenched
Even now I make rounds to petty donors
Ah they too are small-time people
They too live within limits
How can they give ...

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And after long many days,
I met with Rooma, the girl ~
maroon saree, deep blue cardigan, scarlet slippers.

In the late afternoon sun
her face looked a pomegranate blossom,
lingering crimson of evening sky
reflected from her dense pool of wispy hair.
I wished to touch the light dot mark

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