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Hello My name is Chris:

My Heart contains so many who are dear to me, my mother, my sister, my father, my grandma, grandmpa, my whole family, my two best friends eddie and dylan, espicialy eddie hes helped me through so much without him i would have been so lost.I am single. And thats how it will stay

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4th Of July Love

Lights, sparks, and array of colors
shower the night sky, as i lay here,
gazing up, amazed by how much
can be, in so little, someone like

Love Is Here

Anger is darkness of a mans
soul, it swallows you whole,
it consumes your life, it brings
forth pain, it brings forth misery.

From Dusk To Dawn

From dusk to dawn, i think of you,
your gleaming eyes and all you do,
the warmth of your skin, the touch of your lips,
you in my sight i cry, every time away

The Fire Inside

The fire inisde, spreads into
my eyes, i feel the power i
feel what breaks inside,
liquify my mind, break the

This Beautiful Girl

With every spoken word my
heart crys with joy, i
tremble with every touch,
those ocean eyes stare at

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