When The Law Shut Down Your Dreams Poem by Christen Kuikoua

When The Law Shut Down Your Dreams

I am Christen Kuikoua
But everyday it feel like I am Not
I can Act, Can Sing And Can Model
But everyday I start my Dream
Someone will Always Shut it Down
If feels Like Hell on Earth
Like Someone Is Just There to bring you down
I want to be free

To Live My Life Not Worrying
About What Someone Will Say
Or what comment will be written
Like You sing Like a Toad
Or like Your Face Looks Like a Baboon
Your too fat to be a model
Is It because Of My Race?
I usually Wonder
I didn't wish to be Black
But God did And I am Proud Of It
Why So Much Hatred In This World
Why Is Black Such a Crime
Can't we Live Like Normal Beings
Not Been Afraid
We will die as we Step Out Of Our Houses
How To feel When An Adult
Insult a young teen Like me.

Trying to figure a Way In This World
Is Not Easy But Hatred Makes It worst
What Will I do
What Will I say
Who Will Hear me
And Heal My Sours
Who Will Hear me
And Support My Growth
Who will hear me and Stand Up For Me
Who Will hear me and protect Me
Don't I Deserve Life
Or Aren't My a Human
Why Does It Hurt So much
As If A Sword Was Put In your chest
Critics By Critics
You walk in Trying To Help Someone You Love
The Law Will Stand By
at Your Door saying you violated Copyrights
Even When You create Your Own Content
Using Your Own Piano
The Law Will Say You are
Too Young to use Social Media
Or when You Post a Content
A Cyberstalker Will Threat You To remove it
He will be Creating
A Fake Police Detective Page In your State
To Frighten You
Accusing you of Been a Fraud.

How Am I a fraud when I take Lessons Top grow
How Am I a Fraud When I am been Discriminated
How am I a Fraud When I Kill Myself To be Great
How Am I A Fraud When I use Other's Wisdom To Grow In Wisdom
But yet Someone Always There To bring Hate
How Am I a Fraud When I am Cyber Stalked And No One Help Me
How am I a Fraud When No one believes Me
I am broken
I am Shattered In Pieces
I Just Wish I could Vanish In Void
I am Lost
Can Someone Help Me Find My Way.

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