Christopher Heart Poems

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On Duality Of Human Nature

A famous sage - E.C., issued a statement once, on duality of the human nature. He assigned men a “plus” charge and women a “minus”.
This poem is a joking response to still greatly revered master.


I Got To Get Away From Here

I got to get the hell away
from over here.
I will be crazy if I stay
lets make it clear.

A Wooden Face

Somewhere out there high on a tree
there is a face that’s hard to see.
it always stares without a blink
making some wander what it might think.

A Lonely Pine

A single pine on Orange Street
stands among houses that wall it high.
The city concrete has bound its feet
and only space left, is up, the sky.


Walking the streets, walking in heat
where will you take me my pair of feet.
Looking ahead, looking behind,
no rest for feet, no rest for mind.

If You Ever Find The Way To The Garden Of Eden

The Garden of Eden
has a sign on its gate
'come in if you can
and dare to see your fate'


Rain, the soothing drizzle, sound of drops
start tapping gently on the glass.
Tap, tap, tap, tap, each dropp plops
with an intriguing, happy splash.

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