If You Ever Find The Way To The Garden Of Eden Poem by Christopher Heart

If You Ever Find The Way To The Garden Of Eden

The Garden of Eden
has a sign on its gate
'come in if you can
and dare to see your fate'

In the Garden of Eden
grows a beautiful tree,
its flowers are red,
they enchant all who can see.

And the fruit that it bears,
is juicy and sweet,
it tempts the newcomers,
but it's a deadly treat.

In the Garden of Eden
all the souls hatch,
but the eggs are uneven
and some can't find the match.

Some like a rare gem
are laid by a bush of fire,
perhaps a loss of them
would be to heavens dire.

The Burning Bush of fire
keeps them warm and safe
still they also require
some love, hard to find of late.

On the paths of the garden
others dressed in black tule,
await still their pardon
and stare at a pool.

Its dark, crystal waters
reflect one's true soul,
its desire's quarters
and fate of us all.

In the Garden of Eden
a rattle snake is hiding.
The souls' fate is laden
with its venom's binding.

If ever your route
leads you through this gate,
don't dare to eat the fruit,
beware of the snake.

And don't look at the fire,
leave the souls to be,
they will ready your pyre,
in silence try to flee.

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