On Duality Of Human Nature Poem by Christopher Heart

On Duality Of Human Nature

A famous sage - E.C., issued a statement once, on duality of the human nature. He assigned men a “plus” charge and women a “minus”.
This poem is a joking response to still greatly revered master.

An old man after long silence, answered at last
the question, that his disciples would frequently cast.
Pertaining to the duality of the human nature.
(Sadly it confused more seekers of intellectual adventure.)

“Men”, the sage said, “are different than women”.
(This part of the statement, was already a clear sign of the old man’s great acumen.)
“Let us assign them, for the distinction purpose, a sign of a... “plus”.
Well, this obviously leaves, women with a “minus”, alas.

It follows then, that they like electrons, which revolve around every positive proton,
(as explained by the Universal Laws, we just stumbled upon) ,
also have to revolve obediently around their men.
Such has been the order of things since the creation, remember it then.”

And such was the answer of the wise sage.
Women prove him right, always preoccupied with men since young age
and when older can’t prance around them, with achy feet and thighs
when looking at men, just keep rolling their eyes.

Razon-Anny Justin 17 January 2012

Men, are different than women.....dnt knw hw correct that is. Just thought it should be different from..

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