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04 March 2018

What you are is more important than what you do. But if you don't - you aren't.

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A White-Washed Tomb

Bitterness and anger- I can't live like this-
Spitting words at each other, barbs that don't miss.
Hateful venom spewed out on white walls, now stained
With dark rolling rivers that bleed through new paint

And what is that stench? The smell makes me wretch!
Death and putrescence, it's all that is left
Of our dreams and our laughter- all but forgotten-
Wrenched from our souls, now decaying and rotten.

Excrement smeared on the floors and the mirrors,
Looking for beauty would only bring tears.
Living in depths of disgust and despair,
Ever to question my choice to stay here

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Christopher Kirchner Popularity

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