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Christopher P. P. White is a poet that explores every facet of this mortal coil with a mind doused in cynicism and hope. He lives in Derby, England with his wife and two daughters, with dreams of writing for a living because he can't do anything else. He already has two poetry collections out there called 'The Bare Bones of a Melancholy Life' and ' ...

Christopher P. P. White Poems

The Girl In The Bookshop

I met this girl in a bookshop.
She was reading Tolstoy—
I was embarrassed as I held cheap erotica
And my breath.

What The Booze Did

I look around for solace or a place to run to
But all I see are empty shops and lonely benches.
The promenade was once filled with laughter and ice cream—
Now it's full of silence and sadness.

False Idols Are The Real Saviours

Higher powers and moments of weakness;
Guilt is surely the easiest pain to feel
When all you are getting is a vile judgement
From a bunch of wrong Samaritans.


A delicate note from a terrorised tongue
Or a melody born out of sadness.
I long to hear the story that's scattered
With words

Spider's Web

I am stuck in time like the poor fly
In a spider's web
Waiting to die.
Maybe minutes will move

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