Chuks Kevin Nwaokolo

Chuks Kevin Nwaokolo Poems

1. Jealousy 10/3/2011
2. Fear 10/3/2011
3. They Say I'M Going Nuts 10/3/2011
4. Thoughtlesness 10/3/2011
5. Dying To Survive 10/4/2011
6. God Sent 10/4/2011
7. Still I Need Me A Smile To Move On 10/29/2011
8. The Night He Died 10/29/2011
9. Death Knows Your Name 1/15/2012
10. Oh! I Cry 2/4/2012
11. Into The Past 2/10/2013
12. Because Of What She's Done 4/21/2013
13. From A Distance 4/21/2013
14. Mi Carino 4/29/2013
15. God Sent Part 2 5/7/2013
16. My One In A Million 5/16/2013
17. The Bleeding Heart 7/7/2013
18. The Whisper 5/14/2013
19. In The Event Of My Distraction 10/1/2011
20. You Are The Reason For Today 2/14/2013
21. Lets Fly Away 2/14/2013
22. Nice Guys Finish Last 10/1/2011
23. This Is My Gift To You 2/14/2013
24. Because You Are Mine 5/7/2013
25. Happy Valentine 2/14/2013
26. The Freed Slave 10/1/2011
27. I Remember You 2/22/2013
Best Poem of Chuks Kevin Nwaokolo

I Remember You

Like it was few minutes ago,

I remember you,

I remember your pretty face,

I remember your mother-like voice,

I remember the hope in your voice,

I remember the inspiration in you eye,

I remember the curve on your lips when you smile,

I remember the color of your skin,

I remember the smell of your perfume,

I remember your sad and happy moment,

I remember your pain and struggle,

I remember how he never noticed,

I remember how you were forgotten by him,

I remember how she cared and ...

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Like a shadow on a moonlight night,
he stood behind you
Creating an unknown figure in your head.
Could be only you in the middle of no where,
but in his presence you are surrounded with monsters.
You wish you could make this go away,
but there he stood.
Enveloped by the terror of his presence
Untie the unseen rope

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