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Dont cry, mama!
I feel the pain than you,
Stand to your knees, papa!
Ices are melting in my veins too

She'll run round when she is crazy
She'll sigh and cry just like a lady
If she get up to where she cant jump down

Life is a poem,
Full of diverse rhythm;
With odds and rigid verses,
Lines written of restated stanzas;

I have told you and again will I say
My love is Wedded, Nothing can part
Glued as sun to the sky, no waves can flay
Mounted as rockstone, no many fast waters can thwart.

Come not here, Not there- -O adulteress!
Do warlord fights when laid therein grave?
Rove away, Rove away, beauty of slyness,
O preying death, Give me no seductive wave;

His arms are large hills,
His legs are turning elephants;
He goes before the morning sun
He's known by every faces living here.

They do not lie.
They just neglect to tell the truth.
They do not take,
They simply cannot bring themselves to give.

Mama is getting old
I need not to be told
the world is fading shame
I fear to tarnish my name

I've seen an antelope looking for okra,
He is like man toiling to succeed with his valour;
Weepings of oppress`d flows as runnels,
And no comforters to be their channels;

O God, I cain't believe it's new-day,
Mystery art thy works, I cannot learn;
Thy providence, no man can repay;
With many treasures or which he earn,

They say life is blues or a funk,
but i argue that he is stupid.
the play he makes is a noisy junk
he weirds a youth to a pig, and the old a kid

Count your wealth, plentitude of gold,
The crystals of the sea, weigh your jaspers;
The goldsmiths refines them, if they are old,
Buy it from menfolks that sells topaz;

I wish I could fly,
Fly, up, up, up and away
In that warm and unstill sky
Like that strong eagle, so gay.

You will remind me even if I forget,
When we were two night cricket;
I would whisper secrets to your ears
You would peep then laugh to tears;

O that love, which loves you!
Is such strong as naked deathe
And how pleasing you are too
If it makes you moan in lieu of breathe

You can push me on,
While I push you harder
But our fight be won,
If you draw me closer.

Who has found a secured love free of hurt?
Can win the king in chess with eyes shut
Forcing a heart not agreeing to your woo
Is as finding a stranger who has beaten you

Cut out your heart,
Out in your hands, tear it apart
You can drink this cup of poison

Forgive us once we die
For through death, o God:
All Men can come out while;
From the troubles in this world.

O Mine mater, faithful virg'n! ,
Unto her, The glories b'given;
Hath she b'sought upon her Man,
Thou found, In eyes of wealthy nation;

Chukwuebuka Adebayo Biography

A Pianist, folk guitarist, Nigerian poet, A writer, A painter. Born On July,14 1991, Adebayo chukwuebuka currently lives in lagos..He is gospel music maker and poet To a family of the Adebayos, His father's name is Pa Johnson clergyman and painter.His mother a trader. Sir Ebuka is best known for his series of poems and songs put up by him, which focus on teachings and admonitions.Most of his poems is written in his early age.His quill still writes up to present.)

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Don't Cry, Mama!

Dont cry, mama!
I feel the pain than you,
Stand to your knees, papa!
Ices are melting in my veins too
Hells are blazing in mine brain
Bloods running down my bandage
Mama, breast your crying baby again
Worry but less about this mange
You aren't at fault, papa!
I will care for my swollen wounds
Dry your teardrops, mama!
Things will turn all better rounds
Kindest heaven will soon rearrange
Everything to its correct flange
Someone is banging on God's door
I know this isn't what you long for
Though, this isn't the real CHANGE
But another real Chain of bondage.

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Chukwuebuka Adebayo Quotes

Strive to keep silent, you wilt learn more; Do not Argue, then you are a wise one

A Mad man's folly is like a clock with broken hands; Sometimes it's right when You take time to study it, but a Drunkard sayings are all daft and often full of foolery;

were poets quills not damaged of aspersions, Yet they wrote `em off on their flimsy; Were emperors not slain of infamy, still they ascented and declared ukases; If warriors were kill`d to have a chicken- heart, yet they rose and won A man like yourself did it, It's in eagles' eyes, It's in your strong hands, You too can do it!

Believe but never trust men

Whoso'ver desires peace must prepare to be a captain of War, and no achieved justice without a little Violence.

Whilst men were Made of no Law, Our conscience wilt be of a strapless horse; And every ambitions will be the track on which its rides.

The deadly poison only killeth a Man's flesh, not his soul; but what are admired as pleasant and beautous wilt kill both flesh and soul

The diagram and plan of man's life is already drawn out by God; but its Construction, Execution and designation is up to Man.

Quick correction for flaw made; makes a man perfect

If you find it difficult to be a good role model, then you wilt serve as a corrective label to defiant and rebels.

Sharp tools sharpens the diligent man's hand

Let Me Woo Education, And if She Marries Me, Myself Wilt be Her Wife, But if She wilt not; Shalt I beg to be Her Slave'-

You feel the flames, To win fames

Good Character is like Bricks. When many are joined together, it builds a Man Of Virtue

A friendless man is a companion to bandit of foes

A man who resist temptations is Mighty; The man who succumb is not a fool but learn the greatest Lesson of Life.

Mysteries and enigmas of darkness are best known to a blind-man

Life isn't a merry-go-round, Prepare yourself for the worst, Pray for the better, struggle for the best.

The juries also break the law, with their gavel.

Your presence often determines what people says at your absence.

Givers are like fools when giving; But when the reward turns out for them, it feels they are the wisest under the sun

An anger never breaks a rock, But a man of patience wilt eat the honey therein

Great fortunes are only celebrated; If though the tragic flaws and predicaments confronted by legends are been inscribed in their biography; I would have learnt from them how to tackle the challenges of life.

Men are like mosquitoes, The same who hurts you wilt mock your agony

Woman is the root of all evils

Pride's a curse from God to check the foolery or gratitude of man when things goes well and the heart's richly satisfied'

Life is a pitch of cricket game, folks are players Whom in their cruelty wilt always play a ball of rage at your wicket, But it is up to you, Whether to gain it or cast it off-away'

He that does not speaks, is never accused of foul words

A hunger feed with hopes never kills

The rough road diverts my way.Though, Straight I ever wish to go

As an untrimmed flower, Turns weed; So an untutored child, Becomes a beast

No other foes of a man than his friends who forgets the helps, favours and loves given to them in the pasttimes

Life itself is a tutor, everyman is here to learn even those born a fool, no man will finish his span without learning only that each man will learn it own lesson in a different way.

No one is born mad, it is men who makes themselves mad.

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Chukwuebuka Adebayo Popularity

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