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These feelings i nurse, i can't explain,
They say men don't cry but am in pain,
Tears trying to drop from my eyes, i can't hold it again,
Pouring out my heart isn't like me, am i insane?

We started the year together
Our stars aligned thinking we could be forever
Those were just words we said to eachother
So we wouldn't leave one another

Tries to open his mouth but no words came out,
The fire of love in him began to burnout,
The pain felt like a big blow to his heart, no clout,
He kept on looking for pleasure like a gadabout,


He has never been alone
Broken and stripped of his pride
He was sent back to face what they couldn't condone
And slowly his confidence died

Puff puff pass
We gathered round in a circle
This is the only time we never lie
Reopening hidden wounds that almost became scars

I am a part of you
I bring people pain and joy
People get tempted to see me
Some fall for the temptation

Hey it's me
Is anyone with you?
So I finally said the truth
I know I promised we would say it together

I am misjudged, misinterpreted
Associated with evil
Met with hatred
I am black


If only we could see the tribulations of life
Then maybe we would not forget to fight and strive for our goals
If we had powers to make things happen
If we could see that in us lies the fault

Troubled minds don't sleep
They hunt for peace
Holes in their hearts are deep
Filled with fear that doesn't seize

My past keeps creeping up on my shoulders
I can hear it's whispers
I feel it's warm breath on my neck
Towering over my head are the clouds of my past

It's my birthday today and I didn't get any flowers
Seems like they got lost in the mail or they were never delivered
A day of joy but emptiness in my gloomy heart
Sad and problems left unsolved

Hold the door and sit with me
While I tell you my life's ordeal
How I made it this far
A little boy, grown with a shining star

The words I put on paper I do not speak
Scared of the constant jitters at my tongue's tip
For it was formed with less physique
and bought for a price so cheap

The night calls me out
The day hides my clouds
The night releases my demons
The day hides their shadows

Hey it's me
I know I promised not to bring this up again
but lately I've been feeling lonely
And these thoughts just creep in to keep me company

Kill the king
Bury him without his crown
Slay him with six slaves-
and seize his lands

Let me drown in this bottle as my truth spills
Let my pain echo from the walls of my heart
caged like a bird
raised like a dog

All night he laid awake,
Deep down in his earthly mind was a large quake,
Tears filled his heart but his eyes looked up straight,
Wondering how much more he could take before he breaks,

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In My Heart

These feelings i nurse, i can't explain,
They say men don't cry but am in pain,
Tears trying to drop from my eyes, i can't hold it again,
Pouring out my heart isn't like me, am i insane?
Pulling out my belt and looking at the fan i should refrain,
These feelings i nurse, leaves me in pain.

These feelings i nurse, am trying to be brave,
The sorrow leaves my heart cleaved,
My blood gush out with rage,
Tired of feeling this low, can i take it to my grave?
I can't let the world know, i must behave,
Trapped inside my body like i am a slave,
These feelings i nurse i cannot waive.

These feelings i nurse, who has them too?
How much time do i have till its curfew?
Can it be subdued?
My heart is filled with rue,
My veins ache when am without you,
This feelings i nurse is impromptu
This feelings i nurse is in my heart,
Maybe am tired of keeping this in my heart.

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dubem 01 November 2019

Bro keep up the good work

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If love is a drug I want to be an addict, If love is blind, my readings would be in braille

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