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Born Cindy Wright, but adopted elsewhere, I grew up in a little backwoods town around farmlife. Writing was always an escape for me as a lonely teenage girl that believed in love at first sight and all the other romantic aspects of life. I keep my poems simple, carefree and young at heart for a reason; I want the reader to understand and feel them no matter what age the reader is.

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Do You?

Do you miss me? Miss seeing me? Miss kissing me, holding me? Do you?
Do you ache inside? Do you wish we didn't have to hide?
Do you cry at night,
Do you even know how to cry?

By The Sea

By the sea, by the beautiful sea
that is where you will find both him and me.
Separated by oceans and miles
After three years our love has lasted many trials.


There was a haunted look in those coffee brown eyes,
trying to hide the pain of all the days of yesterday gone by.
Where there was once a sparkle and shine,
A dim glow of an ember burning still in the heart that remains mine.

My Challenge

I wake up in the morning feeling as if everything is fine
but then the brain comes to life and spins of worries
and doubts that, to them I should turn a blind eye.
Looking around I see and hear so many various things

Look To The Sky

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Kathy Choate 06 March 2014

Cindy's poems speak from the heart, they are very touching and moving. I sat back and read some, imagining what she was feeling..Cindy is very talented and should be the author of her own book one day.

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