clayton moore Poems

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Your Like A Ocean

Your eyes are like a ocean,
Your hiar is the waves that lift the ocean,
Your heart is the core of the animal ocean that feels it up with love for the lovely ocean

Love Is True

Deep in the night I rest my head on your shoulder
Many people think its wrong because you are much older
I pay no heed to the warnings I have begun to receive
The thing I want most in the world is for you to always love me

So In Love With This Gril

Here I stand
In love with this person who made my world such a better place
She makes me fly, she makes me high
She gives me goosebumps, she makes my knees shake

Living My Life

Life has gone by
I don’t know why people go passing on by
Vividly what,
I am telling you is so true

One Life

We only live once,
we love, we think and decide what to make of this life and we live.
What is life without meaning is it a test or a journey and what we make of this life we decide.
We love an love finds us, we think and ask, we live, we die.

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