One Life Poem by clayton moore

One Life

We only live once,
we love, we think and decide what to make of this life and we live.
What is life without meaning is it a test or a journey and what we make of this life we decide.
We love an love finds us, we think and ask, we live, we die.
What do we think of life thinking is just a mater of thoughts running around with in those thoughts there is questions and answers, to be asked and to be taught or told.
What was is instore in are long filled test or journey and what will happen we don't know that is a hard cooled fact to let run through are minds.
Are minds are have different thoughts and factors about them but we are the same animals that what we are look at yourself find the good and bad and look at the world in what it is a planet filled with animals, yes we are even me, some evil an good are a impact on are daily lives, we all are animals face the truth, but with different personalities and perspectives, it is are hearts that are not sure.
Are hearts no thoughts no mind of perspective and dose not decide. It sits there making us living and not dead, giving life and giving it to the people around us life to. Its not are heart that makes love its are minds choising, and going through a prosess of thinking so it can decide.
Are feelings are thoughts prosessed by your mind think hard about it, its true.
Without are minds we will be animals.
We will all die.
Its what you do with your only life, what will you do with it.
Know thats the question.

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