So In Love With This Gril Poem by clayton moore

So In Love With This Gril

Here I stand
In love with this person who made my world such a better place
She makes me fly, she makes me high
She gives me goosebumps, she makes my knees shake
When she speaks Im in heaven
Every single touch and kiss is a miracle, I want that feeling forever
I wanna scream, I wanna tell everyone
Yeah, Im so in love with this girl
Shes my everything, shes my day and night, shes is the brightest star on the sky
I can walk over the deepest oceans for her
I can climb the highest mountains for her
As long I can stay by her side and tell her this every day
I wanna hold her hand trough the bad and the good times
I want to stay by her side and tell her that Im here
Even if we are thousands miles away from each other, Im hers.
Yeah, Im so in love with this girl
I wanna spend my life with her, wake up next to her and feel her heartbeats.
Shes like a dream, shes like a miracle, and with her I feel real.
This love is like nobody else, this is real, this is amazing.
She makes my day, she is the most lovely thing on this earth.
I cant stop look at her, and realise that she exist.
She is the one, the girl who realizey heart in eternity
Every word I say, it comes from my heart
Girl, I wanna be your hero, I wanna be light, the strength
Like you are mine.
Yeah, I´m so in love with this girl!

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