No War Please Poem by Clinton Siegle

No War Please


Open your eyes folks.

War is upon us folks.

All around the world, folks.

REALITY of the present, past, and future, folks.

That awkward moment when you have to tell capitalist no war.

How come warmongers run this world?

Alright, why are troops in Syria?

There is no budget or declared war?

Awkwardly how come are there troops in Ukraine?


Kindly, lets go through history.


Civil War- Democrats would not allow Republicans in the white house.

World War I- Wilson campaign I will keep you out of the war. Why was US at war with Germany? I would like to know.

World War II- FDR policy of no oil to Japan caused Japan attack.

Korean war- US been at war with Korea since 1950s? Ask a democrat.

Vietnam war- Gulf of Tonkin seems like that is a lie by Johnson. Ask a democrat.

Life and death of these wars-

America's War Between the States 1861 to 1865 Democrats started the war cost 750,000 people

Reality World War I 1917-1918 Woodrow Wilson Democrat campaign He kept US out of War a lie cost 116,516 people

Millions died due economic warfare starting World War II 1941-1945 FDR Democrat cost 405,399 people

Maybe Korea War 1951-1953 Harry Truman Democrat1 cost 54,246 people

Open your eyes Vietnam 1955 1975 Lyndon B Johnson Democrat read about the Gulf of Tonkin cost 58,209 people

Now War in Afganistan 2001 present percentage Obama Democrat out of 22,266 who knows?

Getting out of Iraq 2003-2011 percentage Obama Democrat out of 36,710 who knows?

Ever wonder about the lives of foreigners not US citizens cost of lives?

Reality think these countries now have slavery and destroyed cultures because of what?

Seriously no declaration of war declared just a democrat bombing killing people

(2009-2016) Egypt imprisoned leader/murdered citizens Obama Democrat

(2009-2016) Syria bombed and attempt murder leader Obama Democrat

(2009-2016) Somalia bombed citizens Obama Democrat

(2009-2016) Pakistan bombed citizens Obama Democrat

(2009-2016) Afghanistan bombed citizens Obama Democrat

(2009-2016) Philippines bombed citizens Obama Democrat

(2009-2016) Yemen bombed citizens Obama Democrat

(2009-2016) Iraqi bombed citizens Obama Democrat

War is evil. War is insane. War is probably both.


NO WAR with China.

NO WAR with Russia.

NO WAR with Pakistan.

Shame is great when you have to ask warmongers to think.

Who funded Black Lives Matter and Anti fas? Democrats.

Who is going to pay the insurance premiums that are going up because of their actions? YOU ARE.

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No War Please
S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 03 May 2021

Totally agree with this anti war reasonings and info poetically presented. I wish all warfare ended and peace prevailed everywhere. Kudos! ! ! Plz do read and comment my newest poem too titled, 'A recount..of pandemic lockdowns worldwide. '

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