Colette Grosvenor

Rookie (6/5/1994)

Colette Grosvenor Poems

1. Lord Of Time 8/20/2009
2. Fear Of The Darkness 8/20/2009
3. Tears In The Rain 8/20/2009
4. My Werid Conversation 8/20/2009
5. Jealousy 8/20/2009
6. Reality 8/20/2009
7. Stay By My Side 8/20/2009
8. Our Frightful Rein 8/20/2009
9. Not A Friend Of Mine 8/20/2009
10. Grudge 8/29/2009
11. Captive Ood 8/29/2009
12. Saving Me From You 8/30/2009
13. The Darkness Of Night 8/30/2009
14. Thank You 8/31/2009
15. Remember Me 8/31/2009
16. Different 9/20/2009
17. Bus Freak 9/23/2009
18. Is Life A Dream? 10/4/2009
19. Running With Vampires 10/11/2009
20. Words Of A Broken-Hearted Angel 10/18/2009
21. Suicide Note 10/24/2009
22. Rainbow Tears 11/29/2009
23. Show Me Your True Face 12/11/2009
24. Change 1/1/2010
25. All Of My Dreams Are In Paper. (Song) 1/1/2010
26. Gold And Ice 1/2/2010
27. Black Hole 1/3/2010
28. Torn 2/5/2010
29. Lost And Alone 3/10/2010
30. The Snow Globe In My Mind 5/1/2010
31. Second Look 7/21/2010
32. Life 8/10/2010
33. Angel's Spotlight 8/10/2010
34. Hate 12/11/2009
35. Devil Shadow 8/10/2010
36. Rare Sighting 8/10/2010
37. Blood Streaked Sky 8/10/2010
38. Shattered Dreams 8/10/2010
39. Shattered Child 8/28/2010
40. You Know The Story But Not Like This 9/19/2010

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A memory of a friend saying goodbye,
Stays with you forever and never does it die.
It's happened to me in the past, but i hope it won't anymore,
Because those lost friends come back knocking at my door.
When I answer it should I let them in?
Or should I turn my back on them for their friendship sin?
The meaning of ture friendship is hard to understand,
But I do know they shouldn't have to come on demand.
With my friends you can tell that they are true,
Because they are always there, and stuck to me like glue.
Never do I want to let them go,
To never hear...

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Tears In The Rain

The dropplets that fall down my cheek in the rain,
Are actualy tears, caused by your bitterness.
The tears sting my eyes, yet thats where they will remain.
I like to cry while it's raining, I must confess.
For no one can tell that I'm crying.
You really destroyed me that night
For it was you who was constantly lying.
I never wanted us to fight,
But I guess It was meant to be this way,

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