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Colin Coplin Poems

1. Age Of Empire 11/22/2010
2. Daddy's Got A Woman 11/22/2010
3. Damien 11/22/2010
4. End Of The World 11/22/2010
5. Fast Eddy 11/22/2010
6. Good Luck (But Maybe I'M Close Enough) 11/22/2010
7. I Don'T Play For Money 11/22/2010
8. I Love Life 11/22/2010
9. You Leave At Midnight 11/22/2010
10. You And I 11/22/2010
11. You'Ve Got To Start Somewhere 11/22/2010
12. Busker's Boulevard 11/22/2010
13. The Well 11/22/2010
14. The Telephone Is Such A Lonely Place 11/22/2010
15. Song 988 11/22/2010
16. So Many Years 11/22/2010
17. Shuffle On The Blue Line 11/22/2010
18. Seven Seagulls And Smiling Clouds 11/22/2010
19. Question 11/22/2010
20. Naughts And Crosses 11/22/2010
21. My Love Wishes She Wasn'T 11/22/2010
22. Paper And Pen 11/22/2010
23. Our Special Place 11/22/2010
24. Wrap Me In Your Wings 11/26/2010
25. Climate Change Song (Like A Leopard) 11/28/2010
26. A Simple Song 12/8/2010
27. Another Day, Another Dollar 12/8/2010
28. Beyound The Horizon 12/8/2010
29. Hole In The Roof Of The World 12/8/2010
30. I Am Man 12/8/2010
31. I Wish I Was Your Baby 12/8/2010
32. If It Rains, Who Cares 12/8/2010
33. Good Friends 12/8/2010
34. The Crime Of Death, A Portrait In Tomorrow's Sky 12/8/2010
35. What's It To You 12/8/2010
36. Outside Your Window 12/15/2010
37. Two Sides 12/15/2010
38. What's Been Foretold 12/15/2010
39. That Little Hole 1/1/2011
40. Hero's In The Foam 3/24/2011

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I'M A Fan

It’s football season again
I hope my team does well this year
Football season again
I’m a fan

It’s football season again
Spread that ball across the field
Football season again
I’m a fan

Through the cold and the rain
I’ll be there at the game
A voice screaming to be heard
I’ll cry sometimes, sometimes I’ll smile
As my voice echoes through the crowd
I’m a fan, I’m a fan, I’m a fan

It’s football season again
I hope my team does well this year
Football season again
I’m a fan

It’s football season again
Tackle hard and play ...

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Age Of Empire

Who’ll build the homes where you live
Who’ll hunt the food and plant the seed
Who’ll cross the mountains, discover whole new lands
In self play mode, who will give a damn

Who’ll teach the children about the past
Who’ll sing the songs and make us laugh
Who’ll dream the future and put it in our grasp
In self play mode, who can sit and watch

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