Colonel Muhamad Khalid Khan Poems

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Beauty And Love

Spring has come to embrace your cheeks
Lovely breeze caresses your peaks
Love itself comes and seeks
Through out the days through out the weeks

From Mile To Mile

In sheer dejection and remorse
Let us understand to reinforce
That love just has its own course
But beauty needs its real discourse

Light To Light

Winter has just set in
Like a beautiful tasty sin
Snow has started falling down
To cover the land with whitish crown

Blooming Beauty

Love is what we sacrifice
By being good and being nice
It is not barter or bargain
It is grace in shimmering rain

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day
Saint Valentine of Rome was imprisoned
For performing weddings for soldiers
Who were forbidden to marry not to send

Love Dominates

Love Dominates
True love is great blessing of Allah the Great
Loyality takes on integrity to glow and flow
Straight relation brings all actions to be straight

Year 2018

Year 2018
Life is a set of strange happenings
At times so sweet at others so rude
From heart to heart it carries strings

Happy New Year

Happy New Year
Let us bury all the hatchet and take rebirth
Let us rise with new hopes desires of life
The popular occasion dances with no dearth

Wonderful Pep

Wonderful Pep
Love unfolds its petals step by step
It dangles and dances in every heartbeat
The lover carries this wonderful pep

Pakistan, The Land Of Pure

Pakistan, the Land of Pure
A bouquet of very many ethnic flowers
With their sincerity hospitality and morality
With their high claims like high towers

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