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27 year old chocolate child with nothing but memories of loving, living, hurting and learning. What else is there? ....

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Before This Life

Did you know before this life......

You were a King
I was your maiden, I fed you grapes
You wore purple to battle
the blood of warriors adorned your drapes

You conquered worlds
And tempted fate
and sacrificed Nations
and given a title the envious to Hate

You gave speeches to move a people
You were Moon and Sun
You spoke and they followed
Revolutions unsung

You must have been heaven for me to feel so deeply
So involved with the thought of You
We WERE intertwined in lives past
Shakespeare and His Shrew

You were a Lion
Owner and leader of your pride
Together we carved Africa
in one passion filled stride

And when we die
Our love will have touched even God
He will remake us and then reshape us
And then place us abroad

The cycle will again begin

We'll name creatures, give light to colors
and pattern the names of shapes
Your reflection will be that of a King
and I will be your maiden
And I shall feed you grapes

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Complicated Simply Popularity

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