Shadow Of A Woman Invisible Poem by Complicated Simply

Shadow Of A Woman Invisible

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2 years..Two long years I spent running behind Him, picking up after Him, chasing Him
Crying to his back

I watch the back of His head grow smaller,
His transgressions grow taller

Why won't you let me catch you? Love you? Keep you? Hold you?

You treated me so badly, I had no choice but to scream, lecture, threaten and scold you!

Around and around, some endless child's torturous game...
Because my love won't unlatch, won't let go
I have love to blame

You fight me
You slap me
You beat me
You bite me

My love and my feet stay planted

Chaos...Disruption...Confusion...A Crash

I'm running behind you full speed ahead
and you stop. We crash into each other and fall to the floor
You stretch your hand out to me
I bat it away
Strange....fully wanting but never expecting this day

Can you see me?

The shadow of a woman invisible takes form

You see me

I am beautiful, real, long suffering
I've been waiting for you

And now..Now that you know me, want to hold me, love me, keep me
I glare at you, at your audacity
That now, you finally love me

I calmly stand erect and brush myself off and revel in my win
I turn around and bolt away
Let the marathon begin

Dr Hitesh Sheth 07 November 2008

only intellgent can write such a poetry/ . again 1000 out of 10

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Jay Boyd 06 November 2008

Nice poem. why lead them on. i would like to talk about this poem later.

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Anjali Sinha 06 November 2008

wow a nice monologue well done ' regards anju

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