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True friends are people on whom you can rely,
they will never knowingly tell you a lie.

They are people that will be with you through thick and thin,

The hummingbirds as small as they may be,
they are such beautiful birds to see.

When they chase each other through the trees,

Loving parents teach their children to know right from wrong,
and they often sing them a good gospel song.

They read their bibles everyday,

God is love,
and He walks and talks with me from heaven above.

Because God loves me,

Before you drive and drink,
please take some time to think.

You could cause your family a lot of grief and shame,

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son,
that so ever believeth in Him should not perish,
but have everlasting life.
John 3: 16.

There are so many churches in the world today,
that are not preaching God's word the God fearsome way.

They are preaching to the congregation to please,

That great city above,
is a city that is full of God's great love.

A city where you will be able to walk streets of pure gold,

In most churches today,
the preachers don't preach God's word the God Holy way.

They don't preach what lost sinners need to hear,

I love the Lord Jesus with all my heart,
and I know from me He will never depart.

In me He lives deep within,

I've got a true friend,
and His name is our Lord Jesus, on whom I can depend.

Inside of me He lives deep within,

There is not one person that don't have a fault.

There are some people that find your very worst fault,
and then go to other people and that's what they want to talk.

Everybody need something.

It may be shelter where they can get out of the hot summer heat,
or it may be a place where they can get something to eat.

OH WHAT SUFFERING, AND OH WHAT PAIN that bottomless pit is going to be,
and so many unbelievers with the old devil are going to find out how
how painful its going to be.

I smoked for more than fifty six years, and I must say,
I told lies about my smoking just about everyday.

You ask a smoker how many cigarettes they smoke per day,

You know you have been born again,
when you have repented of all your sins,
and you feel Christ presence well within.

Whether a lie is big and fat or a little small,
all lies says it all.

There is no such thing as lies being a little white or big and black,

When I was growing up, we did not have the high tech stuff we have
we did everything the good old fashion way.

For most men fishing is a favorite sport,
they talk about fish of every sort.

They talk about their fishing day,

Regardless of what some people may try to say,
our life on this earth is getting shorter every second of the day.

You may live to be old in age,

Conley Murray Biography

I grew up in hills of Kentucky. I have a severe hearing problem, and have a cochlear implant in each ear. With my severe hearing loss it is too stressful for me to go out in person to spread God's word, God knows all about my hearing loss, I am so thankful God provided me a way to spread His word, and that is through the poems I write. I AM SO THANKFUL FOR THE WAY GOD HAS BLESSED MY LIFE.)

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True Friends

True friends are people on whom you can rely,
they will never knowingly tell you a lie.

They are people that will be with you through thick and thin,
and they will not knowingly let anyone do you in.

When you are down and you don't know what its all about,
they are people that will help you talk it all out.

When you are sick and in great need.
They are people whom you can depend
they will be with you until the end.

True friends are always friendly and kind,
and they will help you keep a good frame of mind.


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Conley Murray 19 February 2016

this poem is about America

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