Connie Tallada Poems

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I Hate To Say Goodbye

As i sit in our classroom and watch my classmates
I hate to think that our days together are just a few night sleeps
Few months, few weeks and few days from now we will part ways
What we have now will soon come to its end

I Am A Soldier's Girl

I am a girl who waits for days, weeks, months
and even years just for a single kiss.

I am a girl who cries

A Birthday Wish

I am here staring at my calendar
My birthday is not quiet so far
Next month I'll be another year older
Another birthday without you here

There's No Victors In Wars Only Victims

As I watch the news stories at my television
I couldn't help but to stare and turns my head on
Another number of casualties, another wounded
Another mothers who cry over their childs body

Do Jesus Christ Needs To Die Twice?

When Jesus Christ died at the cross
He saved the earth from satan's force
The God son's bloody death was done
To ease the sins of the land

If God Is Human Just Like Us

If God is human just like us
Maybe He could be one of my classmates
Then I could ask Him about our homeworks
And maybe we could be best buddies


Tomorrow if you don't see me
Would you wonder why?
Tomorrow if you don't see me
Would you be looking for me?

Civilian No More, Soldier Not Yet

I was lying in my bed with my furry little scruffy
Right beside me was my mom watching over me.
Years back then I was just a little baby

This Christmas

The wind is blowing so coldly
So am I, I feel so cold
Christmas would be lonely and chilly
Without you here to hug and to hold

Without You Here ♥ ♥ ♥

Memories are killing me
I can't hide myself from agony
In the darkness of the night
All I can see is emptiness