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I Hate To Say Goodbye

As i sit in our classroom and watch my classmates
I hate to think that our days together are just a few night sleeps
Few months, few weeks and few days from now we will part ways
What we have now will soon come to its end

I remember the very first time i saw their faces
Way back on the days that we were strangers
Strangers to one another as we start our college days
We were living in our own worlds within our own universe

High school life was over and I had to begin my life again
A new life in a new atmosphere with lot of things that I must learn
She was wearing that smile, the smile of innocence
I was wearing my old self trying to get some friends

We were neophytes who were coping to adapt everything
We were freshmen where college life was so exciting
She never knew me either did i knew her
We entered in one classroom and silently sat in our chairs

It started with a simple hi and simple introductions
We began to chat and started sharing our opinions
Before we knew it we were starting to unlock a very precious thing
The door to a friendship that will be for everlasting

Days, weeks and years swept away so easily
It's been four years since that very first lovely day
I hate it but we will soon be in our own ways
Back to the days where we were living in our own places

How could I say goodbye when I don't want to leave you?
How could I say I will be okay when everyday I will be missing you?
How could I say farewell to you when I don't even want to let you go?
How could I teach to live my life again without you?

I will surely miss our cheating arrangements
I will surely miss our messy and crowded classes
I will surely miss our pranks and craziness
I will surely miss those lovely devil's faces

Someday, after this college journey
We will go in our different ways living our life of fantasies
We will be building our own homes and families
Where everything will just be nothing but another series of youngster stories.

Would you remember the days that we used to share
Where college days was nothing but a sweet haven
Would you tell your kids that we used to be classmates and peers
Would you ever wish to be in college again?


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There could be a happier you doing good things than being happy doing the bad ones.

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