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Candles sizzle and pop
In an angry and desperate struggle.

Each snowflake fights and leans

I have been lonely before.
Listing between friends.
Going through the motions again and again.
Adding the moments together,

I wanted more from you than you even had.
How does a man fall so hard and become so blind.
Is it because of a darkness inside of you,
That some how blinds me?

You spill into my dreams,
Intrude into my days.
You come into my thoughts,
A pause in the cold wind.


I'll never cry again
because I've lost you.
Because my heart would break,
And my soul would run dry

Please don't let him steal you away.
Please don't kiss him with those lips.
Why would you hold his hands with your delicate hands?
Please don't laugh and lean on him as you walk.

He dips in and out of the flames,
Tempting the fires of fate.
He flies by many names.
And his sight engenders hate.

Are birds afraid to fall,
As they hop from limb to limb?
When the water's rise to tall
Are the fish afraid to swim?

Your kiss lies there
Waiting for my lips
to draw from you
Quivering breaths

Ive touched your hand,
Your hair,
Your cheek to my cheek.
Felt the warmth of

Do you think me mad
That I should love you so.
And wait here day by day
Have you seen me standing alone

tomorrow let me raise my chin
and feel the winters chill on my face
let me feel the cut of the bitter wind
as it moves from me to its winters race

Love is cruel and unkind. A wet and soggy bit*h that clings to you long after she has turned cold.

How does she come and infect a man with such ease and strength and so quickly fill every pore, every shallow and then cling stubbornly long after the hear is gone.

Under the table,
Our bodies move closer.
Feet move ever so slowly.
A dance of seduction!

Clouds of purple and blue and grey
Gallop across an enormous sky
Grumbling now and then.
Each pulled toward another

By Cordell Rich

would this man find a flower
and put it in a cage

By Cordell Rich

I remember your shoulders
and your skin in the light

I have seen the storm clouds gathering
the tides of your passions ebb and flow
I have seen the sun on your hair
and the fire in your eyes as you look at me

when we first met we did'nt touch
that would come later, much later
I though we had plenty of time
and that I could wait for that moment

Cordell Rich Biography

Cordell grew up on a simple farm in Wyoming, working throught the summers and enduring long cold winters. At 16 his parents divorced and he moved to Central Utah where he graduated from Manti High School. Cordell spend 23 years in the U.S. Army and after seeing much of the world mover to Idaho where he now lives.)

The Best Poem Of Cordell Rich

The Snowflake And The Candle

Candles sizzle and pop
In an angry and desperate struggle.

Each snowflake fights and leans
To avoid the searing heat.

Until the two should collide
in one last desperate battle.

The candle anchored to its moorings
With only a wick to do its bidding.

The snowflakes path of freedom
form sea to sky to its chilly plunge.

The snowflakes gentle fall last lifted
By the hot and raising winds of fate.

One last hopeful tumble follows
Ten thousand feet of thoughtless dancing.

Then crackle or pop
As well as it may suite you.

And in that one instance along
fire turns to smoke or snowflake to water.

Without regard to all the history of the world
Only this one moment matters.

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Cordell Rich 21 April 2015

I would like more of this poets work. I have seen other poems other places that I do not see here.

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