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I think your missing the point,
Lips up to the sky,
As she found out your lies,
No turning back,

What was once full of colour,
Reflects back in black and white,
Little letters lodged away,
As if to be found some day,

The raptureous applause you deserve,
Doesn't go unnoted,
The strength to leave the familiarity,
Shouldn't go unnoticed,

We test our goodbyes,
In the mirror each day,
Dont look yourself within the eyes,
Cant face a new surprise.

I havent felt the urge,
To self destruct when I should,
I cant shake you loose,
Maybe I just dont want to,

Rush to buy flowers,
The statement on sentiment,
Suggesting new horizons,
Salvaging blossoms to resurrect sorrow,

She’s An Old Man

She’s an old man,
Murderee and junkie

Its sad that you stand out as a good guy,
Amongst the repentant and vengeful,
You know your blue,
Scattered through fields of red,

I must reiterate this is co-written with the lovely and talented Sara Tehrani.............................

I don’t think he knows his affect on my smile

Walking with your thoughts,
A steady pace of ideas,
Obstacle then another in time with the birdsong,
Overwhelming imagination,

A boring nightmare,
Keeps me from sleep,
The whip that cracks,
Shatters his back,

A source to plot out the dots,
Pictures causing unrest,
Is it any of our business,
Maniplate to cause interest,


There’s no misery like the misery of others,
For you to bask in such joy,

Finding recipes,
List the ingredients on yellow lined paper,
Someones building,
A cake for another,

I proceed to be sick,
Which always makes me vomit,
Then somone rang a bell,
Looked at me and said your drunk go to bed,

A phone call,
A mispaced message,
Thoughts of something another,
A square peg in the round hole,

A scene worth while a crack and split,
A barrels apparel bent over,
Two little ticks leave the clock,
To make a sea water tear,

All I can do is sit by her side,
And know she wont break the night,
What a time we had,
Before you perched on the floor,

‘’In Your Shoes’’

I saw the world through your eyes,
I took a day in your shoes,

I went in one ear and fell out the other,
Moths are male butterflies,
Our eyes our burning,
Lets our fears fly in open blue skies,

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The Best Poem Of Craig Turner

Heart Shaped Balloons

I think your missing the point,
Lips up to the sky,
As she found out your lies,
No turning back,
As they only know your disguise,
Your lying again,
And its no surprise

Heart shaped balloons,
Bounce of the ceiling,
Could not bring her back,
As she arrives into an afternoon,
Before you return.

Crowds arrive for your demise,
She will make sure,
Your unmasked before the suns arise,
Getting your revenge,
Is missing the point,
Heart shaped balloons to make amends

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Sara Tehrani 07 May 2010

Been a pleasure to know this guy... His poetry has inspired me in so many ways... Its inspired me to go that extra mile, and not be afraid of writing in free association style. Ive really enjoyed writing 'Eventually I meet Immediate peril' mixing my style with his. He's an awesome writer... :)

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Craig Turner Popularity

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