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Artificial Coma

Title was given to me by a good friend of mine Pam.
The flowers we planted need to see the sun today
So unravel the sheets and wash the stains away
Off your sweet skin, step out of the lay

Father To Son

I look at you and see my eyes
looking through velvet skies
I wonder if you are bouncing through the same clouds as I
I haven't left this place

Buckle Your Seat Belts

Unload your bullets, this isn't a mission
take off your vest, there will be no shots
erase your answers this isn't a test
it won't grade you from worst to best

Four Walls

Lets get out of here
I think you’ve seen too much of these four walls
Lets take you somewhere you can be free
To be the man that you’ve always wanted to be

Almost Numb

Lift up the weight before you drop
You’re strong enough to hold an army in your arms
If your strong enough to let me see you cry
Then I’m sure you’re strong enough just to try

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Stevens Cadet 05 August 2012

Thank you for your words & kindness -Stevens **** 'Concept Of A Wondering Mind' my first book I am working on that will be available in Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, etc. towards the end of Summer

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Satbir Bakshi 21 June 2010

dear sara, i find your poetry a bit unorthodox but it seems that it is from the heart and i have a feeling that it should find the right prespective in the years to come.By the way try your hand at prose i think you can express yourself much more lucidly.pls contact me at my email ID and i am willing to send you some prose of mine that has been published.

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Open to critisism and any ideas from poets of all age and background. Im a 20 something creative writer and student, and will always pursue this passion of mine that I've held for as long as I can remember. It is really touching and appreciated to receive such positive comments on here from inspiring poets. Hope you enjoy my writing as much as ive enjoyed writing them. If any poets out there think it would be fun to collaborate their writing with mine, feel free to message me. Thanks

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