Akhtar Jawad Crazy Poems

In Bengal Sky Is Crazy For The Earth

The beauty of nature that I saw at Rangpur,
A city of North Bangla Desh,
I can’t forget it was so much amazing,
Believe it or not the sky was flowing on the earth,

I Wonder Why You Are Not Crazy In Love

I see a dove swimming in the blue ocean
I see a dolphin flying for the evening star
I see the sun orbiting round the earth
I wonder why you are not crazy in love

Oh How Crazy I Am In Love

With the same old familiar touch,
with your hand in my hand,
walk with me for the last time.
Oh how crazy I am in love!

A Crazy Old Man

Gathering the remaining blood of his veins,
In his weak and tired legs who is climbing up?
Disordered breaths tell, 'A crazy old man,
Still in love! He is too optimistic,

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