Curtis Baskerville Poems

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' Please Forgive Me '

Please forgive me for not being the perfect man;
but yet accept the fact that I am doing everything I can.
Forgive me for not always following through with things I promise you.

' Life Without You '

Life without you would mean sudden death;
like a sharp dagger through my flesh.
I do not bleed the blood from my veins,
yet I bleed my soul; the one thing that you crave.

'Losing You'

Losing you would feel like a blow to my wind pipe….I would be breathless.

I would be in bed all cold and alone….so restless.

' Love Has No Bounds '

Love has no bounds; boxing match with uncertain rounds.
Love can flow through rivers and streams or glide through the sky like a kite as far as the eye can see.

'Secret Crush'

I took glances at her daily; try to speak to her but my words would fail me.
I would walk away in disgust, but to try again…. I must.
She doesn’t even know I matter, let alone know my crush.
I crave for her touch, to feel her close so much.

' Addicted To You '

I’m addicted to you; I’m addicted to everything you do.
You’re my first choice of drug, I can’t get enough.

'The First Kiss'

The first kiss was like a perfect wish
Lip to lip and hand on your hip, I slowly lay upon the first kiss.
Chills course through my body like taking a double shot of Bacardi.

' Kiss Thy Lips '

Hold yourself close to me,
hold your arms out and let yourself be free.
Feel the breeze through your hair,
and the warmness of my breath as I stand so near.

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