' Kiss Thy Lips ' Poem by Curtis Baskerville

' Kiss Thy Lips '

Rating: 2.7

Hold yourself close to me,
hold your arms out and let yourself be free.
Feel the breeze through your hair,
and the warmness of my breath as I stand so near.

Let me gaze into them eyes,
hoping to be true love that I find.
Hand to hand we walk the streets,
are hearts as one; not missing a beat.

Your beauty could light up a room,
and make me dance with you in the spotlight to a beautiful tune.
Your eyes shine golden in the suns raze,
but to me the beautiful look in them is welcome to stay.

A perfect painting would be with you in it,
none of you and my work would be unfinished.

Beautiful women you truly are,
more beautiful than the golden stars.
Your personality has taken me by storm,
but the curiosity in me wants to get to know you some more.

It would be such a gorgeous life with you by my side,
smiling with such happiness
because I know you’re forever mine.

Beautiful women such as you;
should be showered with love so true.
So as I place my hands upon thy hips,
I also shall kiss thy lips.

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