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For the first time in a long time, it's hit me;
All the pain and heartache,
All the scars and scratches,
All the cuts and bruises,

what do people see when they look at me? ? This is the question that goes through my mind all the time. Do they only see what's on the outside or do they see whats deep within?

Why? Why did you say goodbye?
I thought you loved me;
I guess I was wrong.

The day i die,
Is the day i leave this all behind;
The day when i leave this all behind,
Is the day i say goodbye;

I lay in a dark room asleep when all of the sudden i feel a light breeze. I woke up in a room whare darkness surrounds. I look to see if i can see anyone or anything.

Darkness fallows people around
Until they are deep underground.

Some of them comit suiside

Hey, i read your poems they aight,
You got tallent, the words you say i can realate.
The way you feel is the exact way i been feeling for many years,
Its a miracle to see that there is someone out there that knows how i feel.

Today is the day,
The day to say my last and final Goodbyes;
To fially make things right.

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My name is chrishtiana. i am 21 years old. i have been writing since i can remember. Writing is what helps me cope with many things. the poems i have written are bits and pieces of me, my life written down on paper. most of my writings are from experience. they are how i feel, felt, been through, going through. Writing is essential for life. it is the place people can escape and express themselves. in those writings, readers can either connect with what is said, or no someone who can. with these gifts of writing i feel as though we should use them to say something, something meaningful. Something powerful. each word written down tells a story, the author has the power to determine what the story is and how it will turn out. if you read any of my work. feel free to express your thoughts. i would love to know how to better my writings. i have posted poems that are back from many years ago. i will slowly post poems from over the years.. i tend to write often, therefore it is hard to decide what to post, if to post, ect.)

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Broken Heart

For the first time in a long time, it's hit me;
All the pain and heartache,
All the scars and scratches,
All the cuts and bruises,
All the tears that have fallen from my eyes,
All the tissues that have been used to dry those tears.

For the first time in a long time, it's hit me;
That each time i have loved all i have gotten is pain and saddness.

As i lay in my bed, i think; i think of what i have done to deserve this,
But yet nothing comes to mind,
As i lay in my bed, i close my eyes to think of what i could have done right,

But all i see is my heart then a flame.

I open my eyes to see if its nothing but a dream,
I take a deep breath but a pain goes through my chest.

I close my eyes and all i see is a pile of ash whare my heart used to

I open my eyes to see black smoke surrounding me.
As i look around, i see that the smoke is coming from whare my heart used to be.

I have given my heart out piece by piece, inch by inch
And for the first time in a long time, it's hit me; Now i have no heart left to give.

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Serenity Dawn 29 December 2011

I loved your poem Walls Closing In. It was straight to the point, and great to read.

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Brandon Marcum 11 October 2011

nice one there can be a little more added

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Akingbehin Daniel Murphy 31 August 2011

nice one, but there should b a space 4 me

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Aqeb Benazir 11 July 2011

your poems have great emotional grasping capability. It's a great way to express ur life through your poems. at least that's the best way you can hope to relate yourself with others.

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