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I miss the things I used to do.
All the carefree things from childhood.
What happened to that life I knew?

You gave me hope the day we met
Yet hope was lost the day I let
That touch from you slip from my reach
And only now I truly see

a tear

a tear fell

Come now
Dry those tears
Just wipe them away
Away from your face

I try and try, but I can't go to sleep.
Night after night I'm just lying awake,
Stuck listening to some loud kitten's weep,
Or to that tired breathing sound all cars make.

You were always there for me
When times were very bad;
No matter what the situation was,
It was you I always had.


It wants.
You—it needs.
You—give it strength.

If I died,
But then came back.
What would I look like?
What would I be?

Alone I reside
In a room to myself—
All by myself where no one else
Is allowed to step inside.

I've heard about a place
Where people are always kind.
A truly pleasant, peaceful place
That I hope someday you'll find.

She was much more than a voice to me,
Yet her face I never had the chance to see,
And so a sweet sounding melody
Is all that remains of her inside of me,

the body;


An immense impact
on many,


There's mostly pain within my heart
As those I love begin to part.
They've left behind a lonely child
Who often cries and rarely smiles.

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Ball Of Blue

Swirling ball of blue
Soaking in a sea of black
Stays undiscovered

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