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A poet living in central England!

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Dalia 19 April 2018

I want the summary of the poem God is a chef

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Riddhi Jain 17 May 2022

Answer these questions

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Jijithd 10 June 2018

Summary of god is achef

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Hieded 22 June 2018

Hi sir

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Ayush 11 September 2018

Summary of God is a chef

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Riddhi Jain 17 May 2022

*God is a 3.What do you think inspiration is prepared on top? 4.Why is the recipe special? 5.Who or what has been made in heaven's kitchen?

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Riddhi Jain 17 May 2022

*God is a chef* Answer these questions 1.What does the sign in heaven's kitchen say? 2. Name the first ingredient of the recipe.what quantity of it should be used?

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Riddhi Jain 17 May 2022

I'm having it and I want to share it with you

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Riddhi Jain 17 May 2022

Do you want some questions of the poem God is a chef

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Agnel 06 August 2019

Hi sir

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The Best Poem Of Dale Mullock

God Is A Chef

There is a sign in heaven's kitchen,
That says enter at your own risk,
Be mindful of the lichen,
And the low flying whisk!

No idea what they are baking,
But following the recipe,
This is what they are making,
I wonder what it could be?

Start with 5oz of enthusiasm,
Knead cheer in the dough,
Then heat some sincerity,
For that golden glow.

Marinade in courtesy,
Grind some inspiration,
Pepper it over the top,
With gusto and dedication.

Take a pinch of wisdom,
Add a lot of tender care,
Sprinkle it with love,
And spread it everywhere.

Add a dash of beauty,
Mixed with a warm smile,
Garnish with humour,
Keep us grinning all the while.

Put in a spoonful of charisma,
Finish with a heart of gold,
This is one special recipe,
Baked with virtue extolled.

So what has been made?
No ordinary strawberry fool,
But a delicate dish,
That makes everyone drool!

Taken fresh out of the oven,
We find a fluffy fondue,
As all these ingredients,
Have created a wonderful you!

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Dale Mullock Popularity

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