Dale Mullock Poems

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God Is A Chef

There is a sign in heaven's kitchen,
That says enter at your own risk,
Be mindful of the lichen,
And the low flying whisk!

Angel Of My Heart

Your pretty chocolate brown eyes,
twinkle like the stars in the sky,
a smile growing on your face,
I take your hand and we embrace,

Aerodynamic Lips

Press the pause key and hold it right there,
Freeze frame the love that is in the air,
Can you see the curvature of her face,
Of which my eyes must caress in trace,

Snow Man

You’re looking out of the window,
you’re watching the settling snow.
Soft the snow falls like angels’ feathers,
bringing your children and joy together.

Words Of Warmth

Perhaps you have never been told,
that your heartbeat is a special treasure,
which cannot be bought or sold,
not with diamonds that are forever,

When You'Re Ready

This verse isn’t about sex or love,
no, no you know it’s sweet and good,
tell me what keeps you up at night,
tell me why you’re so full of fright,

Dreamy Daze

In a deep purple haze,
coated in ultraviolet rays,
I am captured and caught,
deep in convalescent thought,

Forever Live & Die

In Gloaming's growing grey shadow,
The dying Sun turns the landscape sallow,
Radiant solar souls slowly sink below the horizon,
Succumbing to Shadow's sickly reason,


As you are roaming
Into twilight's gloaming
Look into Love's eyes
Please don't compromise.

Close Your Eyes

I am walking the streets at night,
bathing myself in the moonlight,
watching others go about their business,
so many people living in the darkness,

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