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a dougter so young
just aventuring and wondering
but a fathers love
so protective and controling


we say it almost everyday
when we get out of a shower,
or wash our hands


your a four letter word
with so much meanig in the
we say you alot but half the time
dont understand the

we soar
we fight
waving the american flag
the war is done and we have won

we sit we wait
till we hear from the
in a lland were we can not be
you call us from there

when you love its hard
crawl, walk, and run 3 easy steps for you
frendship, feelings then you know its true
but hard when the persone dosent

you mess with me
u mess with them
you mees with them
you mess with me

were just a like
but yet we arent
they say we are twins
but yet we are not related

He makes me smile
He makes me laugh
He makes my heart beat faster
But grabbing at reality is a shutter

He is hard headed
And at times you want to slap him
He jokes a little too much
But when he likes you


we build you up
we tear you down
live in fear of the sight
and rejoice at the sound

they were given to me by you
but now i say pleas take them
there a form of weekeness for me

there always a time to cry
this maybe it
though leaveing this world
they found peace

the world is spining and just wont stop

my head is weriling and
my heart feels like it jusst stoped

your family is gone
you are to fight alone,
no matter were you go
you here the fight, the roar

it was the only choice she had
to get out of her home
the vilonce, the abuse its all finally gone
but little did she know

The skiesregray, thounder starts rolling, lighting is lighting the sky.
people start running.
the rain pouring down a tournado is finally touching down
here comes hell for those who are earth bound

She is crying
The tears are falling
It's a none stop thing
Her so called friends keep calling her names

time has passed
they call me a old soul
i've lived many lives
passed though many times

its not the same
for me and you
our hearts work

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im now 19 yrs old and i have not been on hear so long but i still continue to write have came with about 300 poems so far and still dream on makinng a book one day. i recently got married to a guy in the navy and we are starting a family. my writting is growing everyday.)

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A Fathers Love

a dougter so young
just aventuring and wondering
but a fathers love
so protective and controling

yea the two clash
but never end
the father just holds tight
and knows his love will never end

the doughter crying and screaming
saying lifes no fair
father just holds tight
says he knows his love will never end

doughter all grown
and finally moving on
father still holds tight
says his love will never end

i never new
but now i see
he never let go
his love never failed

evan now as he is gone
i still feel it
and its whats keeping me

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Sans Serif 11 September 2009

If you keep up what you're doing in these poems then you could have a very powerful career in literature.

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