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Down falls the gray,
come down down and play,
i love to sit next you,
on your happy holiday.

I look above,
from joined hands and finding birds,
till infinite favorites my mouth will notice,
i applaud with hymn,

In between the line of shade and drizzling rain,
covered and uncovered,
the half of me has gone different.

As a blossom
winds across this spring,
take me away
into the blurs of a mist,

Our fingertips trail along, as a dove
glides of guiding wings,
appearing to our faces, of
love singing smiles.

It’s not me, it’s not
Who I am…
Who traces every spit, that flies across rooms
And learn from

Let his hands be a remedy, From
the creation in this divine world,
Of which our father
has created.

Descriptions of such rebuking yells and ringing sounds,
from behind the walls of difficult pounds,
the gray hues of lifeless skies,
to fallen tears as wrecking bys.


Desperate in pieces of longing hands,
What does my lip say
in order for this prayer to be alive?
I plea within words from ongoing presents,

Invites of pleasant influence
to rhythm blending petals with strong holds
carrying on churns of little bends.

Rubbing eyes of fallen sleeps,
But awaken poems
Rocking my boat from
pushing and shoves


What do you think of,
as cotton balls that are held up high,
covering the parts of blue and sometimes hiding the light?

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Rainy Day

Down falls the gray,
come down down and play,
i love to sit next you,
on your happy holiday.

it makes me happy,
and the plants too,
we both beat the drums,
and i guess you do to.

I glue my feet to see this view,
I pullout my ears,
to hear your drizzles blue.

on this rainy day,
i will sit and watch you fall,
for that we may again play,
on your rainy days.

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