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Once lost in darkness, so alone,
The path ahead seemed overgrown,
But hope remained, a tiny seed,
A chance for redemption to take heed.

When we were young and carefree,
We'd dance in the rain with wild glee,
Splashing in puddles and feeling free,
Our laughter echoing through the trees.

Bitter one's leave, their journey done,
Their time with us, now forever gone.
Memories they've left, still linger on,
Of laughter and love, now replaced by a dawn.


Hope is a child in the midst of a storm,
Braving the winds, her spirit still warm,
With a smile on her face, she looks up high,
As the clouds roll by, she sees the clear sky.

Moses, wandering in the desert sand,
Encountered a sight that made him understand,
A bush that burned, yet was not consumed,
A miracle before him, it seemed to loom.

A sacred dance, a spiritual flight
In the realm of the divine, our souls take flight
With each step we take, we honor the divine
And let our spirits soar, like a bird in its prime

Amidst the concrete towers tall,
The city people live and sprawl.
Rushing through the crowded streets,
They move as if with pounding beats.

Born into bondage,
A slave boy's life begun
Chains and shackles,
His only companion

A million little stories in each frame,
Pictures that capture moments, never the same,
A glance, a smile, a tear that falls,
A memory frozen in time that calls.

In the world of endless possibilities,
We choose the dreams we seek.
We pluck them from the field of imagination,
And let our hopes take a peak.

Where I belong, oh where could that be?
Is it in the mountains or by the sea?
Maybe in a bustling city street,
Or in a quiet town with fields of wheat?

Old school love,
the kind that lasts,
where hearts are joined
and time moves fast.

Her Scent

Her scent, a fragrant breeze,
That swirls around my being,

In the shadows of the night, where the moonbeams shine,
And the winds howl with a chilling spine,
There's a world beyond our own, where the witches dwell,
A world of magic and mystery, where spells are cast and tales do tell.

So take my eyes, and see for me
All the beauty that surrounds
The colors of the sunset's hue
The stars that fill the night with sounds

Nemesis, the goddess of retribution,
A fearsome force of divine execution,
She watches from the shadows with eyes of fire,
Waiting for the wicked to face their final hour.

In lands both near and far,
Where people struggle day by day,
There reigns a force so dark and mar,
A curse that will not go away.

Black sheep of the family,
So different from the rest,
An outsider looking in,
With sadness in your chest.

In the shadow of the night,
Lies a union built on might,
A wedlock of corruption,
Hidden from the public's sight.

In and out of worship we go,
Sometimes our faith does ebb and flow.
We seek to find a higher power,
But doubt can darken like a shower.

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Once lost in darkness, so alone,
The path ahead seemed overgrown,
But hope remained, a tiny seed,
A chance for redemption to take heed.

With strength and courage, step by step,
The journey began, no time to wept,
For with each stride, the light shone bright,
And lifted up the darkest night.

Redemption found, a second chance,
To right the wrongs, and make amends,
To learn and grow, to change and mend,
And make a life that's truly grand.

So never give up, and always try,
For redemption's call is always nigh,
And though the journey may be long,
With hope and faith, we all belong.

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Daniel Ukwe 25 March 2023

I hope to do better than this.

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Daniel Ukwe Quotes

Every time I dream, I realised that God is giving me another day to live and fight!

A man who does not dream is a man who is one step to the grave

Every time you dream, you just save a soul somewhere in the world

Every missed opportunity is recycled, but they don't come back to you the same way

Knowledge without expressions, is a dangerous and toxic desire to life

A criminal that does not have an opportunity to steal considers himself a humble person

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